Day 154: (Time) If I Didn’t Have To Sleep…

If I didn’t have to sleep, I would use the extra time to do some writing.  I generally like to go straight to my computer when I start my day.  I go through the list of the my 500 words daily assignments and select the assignment for the given day.

I could lay down on my bed, imagining the different worlds I could create through utilizing my imagination.  Perhaps I would drift away to other worlds, meeting up with my past and future selves, indulging in conversation about what’s to come and what’s already past.

Perhaps I would write without tiring, composing pages and pages and pages of useful material.  Or I would read my favorite books.  I’d love to have more time to read and write.

To not need any sleep would be wonderful, because then I could fill my day with all kinds of activities.  I could socialize with friends on the various social networks online, in addition to submitting and posting my work online.  I’d read and comment more often on the works my writer friends have created.

Lately, I’ve only been able to read and comment on my friends works two to three times a week, because this rainy weather has made me so drowsy and exhausted.

It would be nice not to need to sleep, because I’d automatically be energetic, and would go for a run in my neighborhood, instead of doing sit-ups and crunches every other day.

To be awake 24×7 would mean I could go shopping with my aunt and grandmother as often as we wanted, instead of having to wait to go later during the day, due to exhaustion.

I would most likely read at least a book a day, if not two books a day.  However, they would be thick volumes.  More time on my hands would mean I’d be able to write reviews each day for every book I read, and compile them as a collection, in addition to posting them online.  They would consist of at least 500 words, if not more.

I’d love to be able to read every book there is in existence, on every subject and genre.  I would absorb all the knowledge there is in the world.

Having more time to read more often, would improve my brain power.  I’d be thinking more and more philosophically about life, looking for answers to questions yet to be answered.

I could improve upon my Algebra and Geometry skills, and apply what I have learned.  Perhaps I’d go back to school and get degree after degree, if I didn’t need to sleep and had so much time on my hands.  Through building upon my knowledge and my skills set, my mind would become enriched, and I’d be in high demand by all the different companies and businesses in the world.

Perhaps I’d run the country, coming up with solutions to the world’s problems to satisfy leaders from all over the globe.  Through doing so would prevent wars.  The entire world would be living in peace.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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