Flash-Fiction: Day 153: (Raw) Heart Pounding, He Froze In The Middle Of The Driveway…

Throughout her municipal years, Dominica Moore was left with a gaping hole in her heart from the lashings her brother took at the hands of  their volatile father.

Coming home late from hanging out with his friends on the fateful night, Jake Moore got out of the car to find his father waiting for him in the driveway.

Heart pounding, he froze in the middle of the driveway, as Warren Moore grabbed a hold of him, striking his bare legs, arms and back with his belt.  Jake wore maroon colored shorts, sports socks, and tennis shoes on the night of his beating, but no shirt.

The burning sensation from each lashing burned with a fire consuming Jakes spirit with every blow his defenseless body took.  Welts formed all over his flesh.

His father’s voice could be heard all the way inside their house, even though the doors and windows had been closed.  He dragged Jake by the arm into the house, as he struck him repeatedly with the belt on the back and on his legs.

Dominica trembled with fear, as she considered the repercussions before trying to rescue Jake from the brutalities of their father’s hands.  I wish I could help Jake, but I don’t know what I can do.  I’m terrified of that father of ours myself.  I just can muster up any courage to stand up to him.  But, I know if I don’t stand up to Warren Moore, someday I’ll regret it.  It’s just something I’ll have to learn to live with.  Right now, I’m just too scared of him.  I’d rather walk through fire than face that father of ours.  He’s dangerous.  If only mother didn’t lie to the police on the night the night Jake called them to report abuse going on in our household inflicted upon us by Warren.  But that foolish woman lied to protect her husband, because she worried about how she’d make it on her own without a husband.

Tears welled up in Dominica’s eyes as helplessly watched Warren Moore beat on Jake like he was a beast of burden.  She found herself crying uncontrollably, struggling to catch her breath.

Their other brother Avery shouted, “Leave him alone.  Leave my brother alone before I kill you,” as he struck Warren with his fists.  However, it was no good.  Warren turned around and started striking Avery with the belt too.

Dominica ran into her bedroom, got down on her hands and knees, praying, “Dear Lord, why do you bring nothing but turbulence to my home.  How could you allow this to happen?  What kind of a God are you that allows such brutality to happen to your children?  How could you have created someone as evil as my father?  Why would you allow him to bring nothing but harm to my brothers and myself?  It’s because you have brought suffering and torture to us that my faith in you has been shaken.  I hate you for what you do to us through my father’s hands.  I feel like you are punishing us, without us knowing why.  My brothers and I have never done anything so bad in our lives to deserve to beat abused.  If you really are an all loving God, prove it to me.  Otherwise, I’ve got no use for you or for church.  I’m never going to church again for as long as I live.  I hate you for bringing nothing but wrath upon us.  You do nothing but torture the innocent, by allowing my father to beat on us since the time we were small children.  We deserve better,” as she cried.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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