Day 151: (You Can’t Take It With You) If My Family And I Needed To Evacuate Our Home, The First Thing I’d Grab…

If I got word about my neighborhood being caught in a huge gas leak, and my family and I needed to evacuate my home, the first thing I’d grab would be my purse with my driver’s license, debit card and all the basic essentials I’d need.  I’d make sure my aunt had her purse containing the car keys, because we’d need to take her car to evacuate.  I’d grab my computer, because of my valuable writings stored on their.

From there we’d take my grandmother, and my uncle, and we’d drive far, far, away.  As for the photo albums, I wouldn’t worry about them.  I know I can’t take everything with me.  It’s important we’d make it out alive.

The streets would be organized by policemen, directing everyone out to safety.

We’d go somewhere far away, perhaps to South Haven where we’d be able to enjoy the grand waters of Lake Michigan.

I’d take off my shoes, walk along the shore, letting the sand set in between my toes where my flesh would feel its warmth against my skin.

The water would be warm enough for wading.  I’d admire the water as it stretched its body out in the distance, folding into the crimson skies, watching folks sail across the way, or watch others pass me by on their jet skies.

An explosion coming from the direction of Kalamazoo brought forth fierce fires, because the gas leak from my neighborhood couldn’t be contained.  Fire spread from city to city.

The disaster was caused by some alien ship crashing down the street where I lived.  The chemical reaction was caused by the plutonium, the power source used by the aliens.  They were highly advanced in technology.  However, something went wrong.  Chemicals from their ship rose into the air, polluting the atmosphere.

Drinking water was contaminated.  The only source of water was a little vile kept by a mad scientist who lived on the shores of Lake Michigan in the South Haven Area.

He used oxygen to ferment an elixir protecting him from the dangers of the explosion.

I stumbled upon a beautiful deserted home nearby.  Opening the door, I wandered in.  The furniture was draped with white sheets, as if it were a subtle ambiance to all the illusory taking place before my eyes.  People came through the walls.  At first, I thought they were phantoms, or ghosts.  Perhaps it could have been my imagination.

However, when they walked over to me, offering me a handshake, I realized they were of flesh and blood.  “Welcome.   We come from planet Vorton.  Won’t you join us in our quarters for discussion?”  They said, why two of them took me by the arms and walked me along their cabin of their ship.  They could make their space ship resemble anything they wanted, for their own safety.

A female alien brought me some elixir.  “Drink this, my dear.  It will heal your inner being from the toxins it absorbed while exposed to the elements in the air.”

At first, I was hesitant.  Putting it up to my nose, I let the aromas take over my senses.  It smelled of some kind of sweet berries.  Putting the vile up to my lips, I took a few swallows.  Within minutes, I noticed the effects upon me.  I felt invigorated, and more alive than I had ever been in my entire life.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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