Day 145: (What Are You Listening to?) Earlier This Week, I Listened To…

What am I listening to this week?  Earlier this week, I listened to a couple songs from Madonna’s latest album, Rebel Heart.  The songs in particular were Living For Love, and Devil Prey.

Living For Love is a high charged energy song packed with an upbeat temp.  It’s comprised of elements from music stylings of 1970’s Disco.  I listen to primarily when I’m exercising or just dancing around for fun.  This feel good song brings back pleasant memories of my childhood back when I was growing up in the 1970’s, although it is a brand new song written and composed by Madonna herself.  I love the melody.

When listening to the song, I’m taken back to when my brothers and I would play outside in our backyard either by ourselves, with our friends, and cousins.  I remember family get-togethers.  In particular, I remember the cook outs we’d have in our backyard.  My father would grill steaks and chicken on the grill.  We’d have the Greek feta cheese and Greek Kalamata olives my relatives brought with from Chicago.

My father would have Greek music blasting from his stereo of which he’d bring outside and hook it up to the outlets on the outside of our house.   There was also singing of Traditional Greek songs among the adults consisting of family and friends.  I especially have fond memories of the Greek folk dancing taking place both outside in our backyard, and eventually would continue on inside our house in the living room.  It was a grand time had by all.

As for the second song mentioned above I listened to this week, Devil Prey has a combination of a 1960’s folk feel to it, in addition to elements of 1980’s pop, some African influences to it, and even elements of current pop music.  The song is raw and gut wrenching.  During the process of listening to the song, I’m taken on a journey of pain which turns into joy, and then back to pain and then joy, going back and forth throughout the duration of the song, the way things happen in life.  It demonstrates the ups and downs in life, talking about how man is tempted to commit sin, especially when faced with adversity.  When life lets man down, he sometimes turns to drugs and alcohol to boost him up, to be enabled to deal with the pain and suffering he’s feeling at the time.

However, the song also talks about consequences, and also how many strives to turn his life around, and make the devil prey.  I’m not certain if the interpretation I’m about to give is the correct one regarding the meaning behind the song Madonna strove to express; however, when hearing in the song “make the devil prey”, I get the impression to some degree it’s about man himself, or perhaps the darkness inside of him torturing him, and making him do bad things in life.  Perhaps it’s about how man turns to the Lord not only in times of adversity, but in times of crisis, particularly when man realizes his own sin and the mistakes he’s made in his life.  At this point, he turns to God to guide him out of the darkness, bringing him back into the light.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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