Behind The Eyes Of Paradise

A woman stands near a deserted beach

Holding her most precious possession;

Her child, a baby girl wearing a simple

But beautiful little dress.

She has a look of despair, an agony

Not willing to go away from her


Behind her is a palm tree in a pot

To represent some hint of paradise.

However, behind the eyes of paradise

Is a tormented soul longing to be set

Free from a darkness holding her prisoner

To her past, and present circumstances.

One thing she’s certain of is her child

Who will somehow light the path away

From the darkness beholding her.

For it is she who will save her mother

From anguish, giving her a reason

To go on living, focusing on her set

Destination, because she now has

A purpose in life.

Her purpose or calling is to be a tower

Of strength and support for her child

Who shall make her even stronger

As time progresses.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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