Flash-Fiction: Day 139: (Working Hard) The Interview

Dominica walked into the office of Prominence Insurance Company not knowing what to expect.  Although she never even applied for the job, she received the telephone call from an interviewer who got her name through someone else.  She was composing some poetry on her computer at the time.

Walking up to the large building, she took in it’s beauty and architecture.  It could have been a Frank Lloyd Wright.  Remembering the architecture studies course she took in college, she was in awe of the building.

Upon entering the lobby area of the main floor, she walked over to the winding stairway.  She lost track of the number of steps she had to climb on her way up to the second floor where Mr. Tom Spence’s office is located.

Making her way to the lobby area, she approaches the receptionist’s desk, introducing herself.  “Excuse me.  I’m Dominica Moore.  I have an appointment to meet with Mr. Tom Spence.  He’s supposed to interview me today.  I realize I’m twenty minutes early, but I’d appreciate it if you’d tell him I’m here,” she said while biting her lip.

“Of course, Miss Moore.  Please have a seat over there in the corner. I’ll tell Tom you’ve arrived,” the receptionist said while picking up the phone, “Tom, you’re one o’clock is here.  Yes.  She realizes she’s a few minutes early, but at least she’s punctual.  Okay, sir, I’ll tell her,” and closing the receiver.  She informs Dominica, “Miss Moore, he said he be with you in just a moment.  He’s in conference right now with a client.  If you’d like some water from the water cooler, please help yourself.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Dominica replied while getting up from the seat, collecting her purse and her leather folder containing her resume.

Walking over to the water cooler, she took a paper cup, filled it, causing it to overflow into the glass, because she wasn’t really paying attention to what she was doing.  Her mind was on the possible career opportunities she’d have, should she obtain employment with Prominence Insurance Company.  Some of the water spilled onto the carpet, when she attempted to drink some.  Gobbling it down quickly, she ended up swallowing hard, causing the back of her throat to burn and her lungs to ache.

Throwing the cup into the waste basket nearby, she walked over to where she was sitting before, and sat down, anxiously awaiting for Mr. Spence to arrive.  She could feel the acids in her stomach dropping, consuming her nerves, and kept looking at the time on her  cell phone.  She was anxious for the interview to begin so it could be over and done with.

Finally, Mr. Tom Spence enters the lobby.  Approaching Dominica, he introduces himself, offering his hand for a handshake.  “Hi, Dominica, I’m Tom Spence.  Welcome.  If you’ll following me down the hall to the left, we’ll proceed to my office, and talk.”

Taking a seat across from Tom Spence, Dominica fidgeted with her fingers, pressing them firmly against each other, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“Dominica, do you have a resume for me today?”  he inquired while folding his hands on top of his desk.

“Yes, I do,” Dominica responded, while unzipping her black leather folder, pulling one out and handed it to him.

“Interesting credentials.  I see your are skilled in a number of facets, working in multiple industries throughout the years, ranging from the restaurant business, sales and marketing, and publishing.  Very impressive.  And you’re an award winning poet.”

“Yes, sir, I sang, I mean I write a number of different genre’s of poetry.  But I also am knowledgeable in the restaurant business, and everything you just said.  And sales and marketing.  But art too,” she said, biting down on her tongue.  What’s wrong with me.  Why would I not give clear intelligent concise answers, instead of sounding like an idiot.  I need to calm myself down.  Just take a couple deep breaths, and I’ll hopefully be okay.

“The reason I called you in to be interviewed, Dominica, is because, as I’ve told you over the phone, I got your name from a mutual friend.  I can’t tell you who the friend was, because of strict confidentiality.  What I can tell you is, should I hire you today, you will go through an extensive training program, in addition to you doing your recruiting, and getting your license to sell life insurance, all at the same time.  Does this sound like something you’d be interested in doing?” he inquired while making some notations on his notepad.

“I, uh, I’ve never done anything like this before.  Although I have been involved with sales in marketing for a health and nutrition company a few years back.  It sounds interesting.  I think I could give it a try.  But I’m a writer by education, and worked in the restaurant business for a number of years.  Would you like me to show you some samples of my work.  I mean, I could…I could do the job well, if I was shown the right way of doing things for selling life insurance,” she said in a shaky voice, while trying to avoid coughing, because of a tickle in her throat.  However much she tried to hold back on the coughing, out it came anyway.  She was unable to stop.

“I’ll go get you some water to drink from the water cooler next to my desk,” Tom Spence suggested.  Upon returning to his desk, he handed her the cup of water.

Dominica consumed all the water in the cup, dribbling some onto her chin.  Taking a tissue from Tom Spence’s desk, she dabbed at her chin and her mouth area, wading the tissue up in her hands.

“Dominica, when would you be able to start working here at Prominence Insurance?” Tom Spence asked while holding up some papers in his hands, handing them to Dominica who accepted them.

“I can start immediately.  Any day, any time of the week,” she blurted out.

“Great.  See you next week Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. at my office.  Well begin the training then.  Before you leave, I need to fill out some forms to make your hire official,” he said while shaking her hand, “You can give the forms to my receptionist once you’ve completed them.  She give them to me.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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