Flash-Fiction: Day 138: (Have Some Fun) A Night Out With Friends

Dominica and her roommate Elise scurried about getting ready to go to a party with some friends who lived on the same floor in their dormitory.  Finally finding the right outfit to wear, Dominica chose some blue dress pants, a cashmere sweater consisting of blue, white, red and yellow teardrop designs with a black boarder, and red flats.

Elise chose some black cords, a while long sleeve blouse and a black and white checkered dress jacket to wear over it, along with her black spiked leather ankle boots.

Rushing out the door, of their dorm room, they met up with the other girls in the lobby area, where they all proceeded out the front entrance of the dormitory, into their friend Macy’s car.  The five of them headed out to a party held at a house on Lovell Street.

“I hope that same jerk who was there last time isn’t going to be there tonight.  He was talking to me about his bodily functions.  I mean the nerve of someone doing something like that,” Dominica said in disgust, while patting her fluffed out hair, feeling the dangling pieces of her gold earrings.

“I’m sure he’s changed since then,” sighed Elise, who sat next to her in the middle of the seat, “He was obviously drunk, and didn’t realize what he was saying.  Why don’t you give him another chance, Dominica.”

“Are you kidding me?  I wouldn’t allow the guy to even come near me again.  If he does, I’m just going to avoid him.  Honestly.  If he had any sense at all, he wouldn’t drink to get drunk.  When folks are in a social situation, there’s a proper fashion of which to conduct oneself.  That dude had no social graces.  He was and still is an idiot.  Gees.  Why can’t some descent guy approach me, instead of some weirdo?”  Dominica muttered, while crossing her legs, smoothing out the creases in her pants, and setting her purse on top of her lap.

“I’m so sorry you had such an awful time, Dominica.  I was working that night at the front desk of the dorm.   I couldn’t get off that weekend to go to the party.  Obviously, I didn’t miss anything.  Hopefully, that guy won’t be there at the party tonight.  If he is, and he approaches you in the same way he did before with his disgusting antics, tell him to take a hike.  Better yet, just stick with me and the rest of the girls.  That’s the best way to avoid any jerks,” Macy assured her while concentrating on the road.  The traffic was heavy tonight, because there was a football game going on.   Another driver cut in the front of Macy, almost causing her to have an accident, when she honked her horn, shouting out the window, “Hey buddy, where did you learn to drive?  Get the heck off the road you darn jerk.  Idiot.”

Upon arriving to their destination, Macy looked for a parking space.  She found one in between two other cars.  It was a tight squeeze, but she managed to ease into the spot.

The five girls got out of the car, ran across the street and went around to the back of the house where the hosts of the house greeted and stamped the hands of the guests when they paid the three dollar entry fee.

Climbing down the steps to the basement, the girls headed over to the keg to get some booze.  Taking cups from the nearby table, they were approached by Jordan, one of the hosts of the party.  He was a medical student who got acquainted with Elise during the previous semester during a party held at the house.  “How’s everything tonight so far, ladies?”

“I’ll be fine so long as the same jerk who approached me last weekend at this house party isn’t here tonight.  He’s disgusting,” grunted Dominica as she filled her cup with some beer from the keg.

“I think I know who you’re talking about.  He’s been forewarned about his behavior.  Apparently, he did the same thing to some girls at another party held last night on the east part of campus.  I told him earlier this afternoon, he’s welcomed to come to our party, so long as he doesn’t get plastered, and that he’d better conduct himself properly around the young ladies,” Jordan assured Dominica while getting some beer from the keg for himself.

“Uh-oh.  Here comes trouble,” Elise said with clenched teeth to Dominica.

Turning around, who should Dominica see heading towards her direction but the very young man she had been complaining about.  “You’ve got to be kidding me,” she grumbled.

“Hello, ladies.  How are you all doing this fine evening?” He asked, glancing at the keg, smiling, “I don’t mind if I do help myself.”

“Just don’t overdo it, Jerry.  Remember, your manners tonight.  And by the way, there may be some pretty young ladies in my company, but I’m not one of them,” Jordan laughed.

“Of course you aren’t, Jordan.  But then again, I had just arrived, and didn’t notice you amongst all the beauties over here,” Jerry roared with laughter.

He has an infectious laugh.  So infectious, I may need a shot from the doctor to block out his stupid antics.  Dominica thought to herself as she took some swallows of her beer.

Jerry took a bow when he saw Dominica, and looked all about the room as he opened his black leather jacket.

“What the heck is he doing,” Macy whispered to Elise, while she got some beer from the keg.

“It looks like he drank a few before coming to the party.  Look at the way he’s strutting around like a rooster?”  Elise laughed.

“I think that’s his way of making a good impression,” Lesley suggested while running her fingers through her wavy blonde locks.

“Some impression.  He’s acting just as crazy as he did last weekend,” Dominica replied in disgust.

Jerry approached a girl on the opposite end of the room.  “Good evening, my dear lady,” he said as he curtsied, bending down on his right knee.  He split his pants, showing his Hawaiian style boxers.  Bowing his with his arm outstretched, he said, “Perhaps I can have a dance from you this evening?”

“Are you kidding me?  She actually accepted his antics, and invited him to sit next to her,” Dominica said looking on in disbelief.

“She’s probably just as nutty as he is, “ suggested Teresa, standing next to Dominica while taking a swallow of her beer.

The girl was quite taken by Jerry and his behavior, and giggled at his every word.  Taking him by the hand, she lead him out onto the dance floor, dancing to Vanilla Ice’s song, Ice, Ice, Baby.

Jerry shook himself around, jumping up and down like a jack rabbit.  He looked more like one of the three stooges.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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