Day 128: (The Unexpected) Life Can Be Full Of Twists And Turns

Life can throw all kinds of unexpected surprises full of twists and turns our way.  Sometimes they are good, and sometimes not so good.

Yesterday, my aunt, grandmother and I drove down to one of our local Pearl Vision stores to pick up my grandmother’s glasses, because my aunt spoke with a clerk on the phone who told her they were in.

Upon arriving there, we walked up to the desk.  My aunt told the clerk who we were and we were told my grandmother’s glasses were in.

“Please sit down at the table over there,” said the clerk who directed us where to sit, “and I’ll go get her glasses.”

Another clerk approached us, saying, “Ladies, we have a problem.  The lenses are in, but they are not the right ones.  Instead of the manufacturer sending us the clear lenses for her everyday glasses, we were sent the lenses for the sunglasses.  So we have to send them back and reorder the correct lenses.”

“How long will they take to come in?”  My aunt asked as she adjusted her purse on the back of my grandmother’s wheel chair.

“Well, these that came in took approx. two weeks…and…”

“Actually, we were here a week ago for my mother’s appointment.  The glasses the lenses that came in today only took a week, exactly,” my aunt pointed out to the clerk, as she took off her glasses, asking, “Can you please clean my glasses?”  as she handed them over to the clerk who accepted them.

“I’ll be glad to clean them for you,” she said, while grabbing the bottle of cleaner, sprits the glasses, grabbed a clean cloth and gently wiped them, “So you were here only a week ago?  It didn’t take as long as I anticipated for the lenses to arrive.  Then, once the correct lenses come in, it shouldn’t take anymore than a week for those, either.  I’m so sorry, ladies, about you having to make the drive down today for nothing.  Especially with the kind of rainy weather we’ve been having,” she smiled while wiping the lenses on my aunt’s glasses, and handed them back to her.

“I’d like my glasses cleaned too, please, “ I said, while removing my glasses, handing them over to the clerk to wipe.

She accepted them from me, sprayed the lenses down with the cleaner, took a clean cloth, gently wiped them down, and handed them back to me.

“What was wrong with my lenses?”  My grandmother asked, because she couldn’t hear too well.  Even with her hearing aid, it’s sometimes difficult for her to understand.

“You have to speak up a bit when talking to my mother, because she can’t always hear that well to understand what people are saying to her,” my aunt informed the clerk, while scooting my grandmother’s wheelchair closer to the table.

“Ma’am, you’re lenses have to be sent back to the manufacturer, because they sent us the wrong ones.  The manufacturer sent us dark lenses.  Those are for sunglasses.  You ordered the clear lenses for your everyday glasses.  I wrote the order out correctly when I submitted it to the manufacturer, but the manufacturer made a mistake and sent us the dark lenses, instead of the clear ones.

Satisfied with her answer, my grandmother thanked the clerk, asking, “Can you please clean my glasses?”

“Sure.  I can do that for you,” she said while accepting the glasses from my grandmother, sprayed them down, took a clean cloth, gently wiped them, and handed them back to my grandmother.

“When the correct lenses do come in, I’d appreciate it if you folks would leave a message on my voicemail,” my aunt said while getting up from the chair, adjusting my grandmother’s hood on her head.

“Of course.  We’d be glad to do that.  Have a good day, ladies.  And try to stay dry in this wet weather we’ve been having.  Hopefully it isn’t raining to badly out there right now,” the clerk replied while standing up, pushing her chair in, and walking over to the other side of the store to help another customer.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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