Day 127: (Boys And Girls) Being The Only Girl In My Family, I…

I grew up with two brothers.  Being the only girl in the family other than my mom, I mostly hung around with my brothers and their friends from grades six onward, because the girls at my school weren’t people I could easily relate to.  Many of them were prissy and materialistic, or involved themselves with attending parties where alcohol was being served.  They were involved in all sorts of activities my parents never permitted me to participate in.  I wasn’t really accepted by the other girls, especially when it came to participating in activities outside of school.

Many of my brother’s friends were better friends to me than the girls were.  I could relate to the boys better, and I felt more comfortable talking to the boys at my school than I did to many of the girls.  I felt misunderstood by many of the girls not only at my school, but at my church.  I also got along better with many of the boy cousins than I did with the girl cousins, because many of the girl cousins considered themselves to be better than me.

When growing up, many of my girl cousins were lavished in beautiful, expensive dresses when I was growing up, while my parents bought me simple, inexpensive dresses, because we didn’t have much money.

With regard to boys roles versus girls roles, I believe anything in life is possible.  My brothers and I baked together.  About two to three times a night, my brothers and I would make different kinds of cookies, cakes, muffins, and cinnamon roles.  It was a nice means for us to spend quality time together.

In middle school and high school, my brothers took home economics, because they loved to cook.  At home, they made delicious pizzas for our family, because it was one of their homework assignments.  I along with my parents filled out the forms to evaluate them on the foods they made.  They each even made from scratch, homemade chocolate mouse pie, with whipped cream.  I loved everything about the dessert.  The crust was so tender and flaky, while the mouse and whipped cream were rich and thick.  I enjoyed every bite of it.

I didn’t take home economics until high school.  My brothers also took home economics in high school.  My one brother was better at sewing than I was.  He was better than most of the girls in the class, too.  His handiwork with the sweatshirt he made looked like a professional job.  Then, again, he was outstanding when it came to doing work involving his hands.

My sweatshirt wasn’t perfect, but I got a B+ for my grade.  I did better in home economics when we studied budgeting, and learning how to choose the best meats and other food products for the best price.

Amongst other things, I discovered the boys to be more trustworthy as confidants than the girls were, because they didn’t gossip.  The girls I went to school with, along with the girls at my church, my parents, and most of my female relatives were into gossip.  Therefore, I couldn’t trust them to tell any secrets to.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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