Day 126: (Dessert) My Favorite Dessert Has Always Been…

When I was growing up, my favorite dessert had always been chocolate swirl ice cream consisting of chocolate interwoven with vanilla ice cream.  During my middle and high school years, my family and I would have a bowl of it while watching our favorite television shows popular at the time, such as The Dukes Of Hazard, The Fall Guy, Chips, and V. 

We’d gather in the living room to watch the mentioned shows with our bowls of the above mentioned ice cream, while we were enthralled by the high speed chases or the intensity of the shows.

I loved the rich, delectable, chocolately fudge combined with the creamy vanilla ice cream, tantalizing my senses.  Putting a spoonful of the ice cream into my mouth, I held it there for a while on my tongue, letting the chocolate coat the back of my throat, as the vanilla followed suit.  I washed it down with a chilled glass of water, combining with the essence of the ice cream, making it a warm, intense delight.

I used to eat the chocolate swirl ice cream all of the time.  However, as I got older, I became wiser about health and nutrition.  By the time I got into my twenties, I didn’t have it as often, because of the high fat content in the ice cream.  I did have it from time to time during my college years when living on campus in the dorms.  It was a special means of rewarding myself for doing well on a test, especially when getting an A.

My friends and I would make it a habit to have some chocolate swirl ice cream in the cafeteria to celebrate when any of us got an A on an exam.

Upon graduating from college, I stopped eating ice cream completely.  I lived with my aunt and grandmother who never kept ice cream in the house, because it was high in fat and cholesterol.

These past ten years, we’ve been going to one of our local Asian buffet restaurants for special occasions such as birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Easter.  Chocolate swirl ice cream is offered over there.  I usually treat my self to an ice cream cone with only once small scoop of ice cream on it.  The ice cream is soft served from the machine, making it smooth, silky, and creamier.

I indulge by licking all around the cone, letting the coldness of the ice cream tickle my tongue.  It always brings back fond memories of child hood when I’d enjoy consuming a large bowl of chocolate swirl ice cream in front of the television, while watching my favorite shows.

I don’t indulge in ice cream like I used to.  However, eating only on special occasions is just as rewarding.  It’s even more special, by making it a once in a great while treat to enjoy while going out to dinner with my closest family members.  Through doing so, I’ve fallen even deeper in love with chocolate swirl ice cream.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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