Day 125: (Let-Downs) My Frustration When Trying To Make An Appointment

We’ve all experienced let-downs on occasion in our lives.  For me it’s been going on most of this month.  I’ve been trying to make an appointment to see my doctor, and I can’t get in to see her.  I call every week to set up an appointment.  At the health clinic I go to a patients have to schedule their appointments for the same day the call.  For the past several weeks, I call there, and the receptionist either said, doctor so and so isn’t in.  So, my aunt calls for me moments later, and she’s told doctor so and so is in but she’s not taking any patients.  She calls there again, she gets another receptionist who says, doctor so and so is there but she’s booked up for the day.

Something is fishy for those dumb receptionists not let me make an appointment to meet with my doctor.  It’s frustrating, agonizing, and such a huge let down.  I need to meet with my doctor to renew my prescriptions and to have my three month A1c done.  I’ve told those receptionists this, but they don’t understand.

Today, for instance, my aunt comes into my bedroom this morning, and says, “I’ve called to make your appointment, but they told me your doctor isn’t there today.”

“Are you kidding me?”  I shrieked, while sitting myself up in bed, removing the covers, swinging my legs around, and getting up out of bed, “Why would they tell you that?  They say that every time either of us call to make an appointment with my doctor.

“I told them that, but they connected to me the head nurse over there.  She told me she doesn’t know why those receptionists refer patients to them when they have nothing to do with the scheduling.  I told them you really need to see your doctor so you can get your prescriptions renewed.  But all she said was you can meet with another doctor.  I told them you can’t do that, because your insurance is very fussy, and they expect you to meet with the doctor they told you to meet with.  So, then the woman told me she’d call me back,” my aunt sighed while walking out of my bedroom, and headed back to her own.

I got up from my bed, went into my aunt’s bedroom, asking, “What exactly did that woman say.  I don’t understand.  Why would you have to wait until she calls you back.  This crap has been going on for quite a long time,” I stammered.

“I told you what she said, and that she’d call me back,” my aunt gasped while laying in her bed, closing her eyes to get back to sleep.

Walking into the living room, I sat on the sofa, and confided in my uncle who sat in his favorite lounge chair, reading a periodical, “I’ve been have problems with those receptionists at the health clinic all month long.  They’ve been giving me nothing but the run around when it comes to letting me make an appointment to meet with my doctor.”

“Can’t you meet with another doctor?”  he asked while turning the page in his periodical, continuing with his reading.

“No.  I can’t, because my insurance is fussy.  I have to meet with the doctor my insurance tells me to meet with, because they go by which doctor is in their network,” I replied while smacking my hands down on my knees in frustration.

“If you want, I can’t take you down there to talk to someone who is in charge,” he suggested as he continued reading his periodical.

“I’m already going there with my aunt later today.  I told her I want to go there to speak to the person in charge of the health clinic at that location, and voice my complaint,” I snapped.

“Since this is the case, let’s not talk anymore about it, and wait to see what’s going to happen,” he advised.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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