Day 123: (Action) I Started Out By Setting My Goal To Write 500 Words Daily

When I started this challenge several months ago, I initially strove to get into the habit of writing stories every day.  For so many years, my primary focus had been on writing poetry and about my day to day activities in my journal.  However, I struggled when it came to coming up with stories to write about.  Analyzing my life throughout those years, I couldn’t think of anything in my life to include in a story, let alone write a story.  I thought I wrote about all I could of my life when it came to writing stories.

It wasn’t until I got involved with the My 500 Words Writing Challenge, my mind opened up.  I was able to realize I had many stories yet to tell.  Throughout the process of writing every for the daily writing challenge, I ended up building several binders full of stories and articles pertaining to my own life experiences, in addition to the experiences of those close to me.

I got inspired to dig deep within myself, and bring out the drama in my pieces of fiction, and nonfiction.

I started out by setting the goal of writing at least 500 words a day, let my mind flow freely while concentrating on the theme of the day.  Some pieces came easy, while others required a bit more thought and planning.  Whenever I get stuck on a topic I know I want to write about, I organize my thoughts and the entire story mentally first, structuring it.  From there, I type everything out on my computer, and post it online.

Prior to get involved with the My 500 Words Writing Challenge, there were days I wasn’t writing anything at all, because I only wrote when inspiration came.  At times, there were several days when none came to me, and I would end up staring at the blank page.  Finally, I decided to set my journal and computer aside, and go for a drive with some family members, because I’d get frustrated trying to come up with suitable material for a story or poem.

Getting involved with the My 500 Words Challenge was the best thing to ever happen to me.  In doing so, I realized inspiration is all around me.  It was just a matter of opening my eyes to see it.  Now, when I look at a tree, it makes me think of a possibility of stories and poetry befitting it as a focal point.  The same is true when looking at the homes I pass by on the drive to and from the grocery store.  Everything I look at in life, makes me think of a story.  The story comes into my mind as a scenarios of characters sitting around outside either on the porch, or in the front yard, the back yard, or maybe there are some children in my story who are playing around or under a tree.  Perhaps they are climbing a tree, experiencing some adventure.

There have even been times when I’d use myself as my muse for writing a story.  I take advantage of any and every source of inspiration available for creating a story or poem.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


One thought on “Day 123: (Action) I Started Out By Setting My Goal To Write 500 Words Daily

  1. I definitely agree that writing on a daily basis can help make writers be more productive. Writing regularly can help to put you in a creative frame of mind and make the writing process easier as a whole.


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