Day 122: (Freedom) If I Had Only One Day To Do What I Wanted…

If I had one day to do what I wanted with whomever I wanted, I would elect to drive all over the country with my closest relatives to check out the great land marks we’ve yet to see, or maybe we’d go back to Washington, D. C. to admire the Vietnam Memorial Wall once more as we have back in the summers of 1994 and 1995.

I’d love to reconnect with the spirits of the great men and women who gave their lives so the rest of us who survive can have freedom in this country.  We owe them a great debt.  It would be an honor and great privilege to pay tribute to them in a brief visit.

I’d also like to ride a trolley throughout Washington, D. C. to revisit the rest of the places I toured many years ago.  At the time, we only drove past the Jefferson Memorial, but we never had the chance to stop and visit it.  If given the chance, I’d visit the inside of the domed building with my closest family members to absorb the essence of the place.  It’s by the water, giving such a feeling of serenity.

The truths abound the Lincoln Memorial standing larger than life.  It is the sum of all existence.  I’d like to be able to walk up the great steps leading the statue of Abraham Lincoln sitting on his chair, and touch his hand to be able to feel his spirit.  His presence feeds off of the beautiful energy of the atmosphere.

Perhaps I would go to a writer’s retreat, surrounded by nature, writing about all I observed.  I’d like to write poetry in the ways of William Shakespeare who composed many beautiful sonnets throughout his life time.  Or maybe I’d follow the writing styles of William Wadsworth Longfellow or Ralph Waldo Emerson.  Or maybe I could go to a quiet place out in my yard to read all of the classics in literature, with sound of the cool breeze ruffling in the background.

I’d travel to Paris with my closest relatives to see the Eiffel Tower, visit the beautiful shops, taste the many delicious delicacies of the country, and go to the vineyards to sample the many varieties of wines.

From there, we could have lunch at one of the cafés, sipping gourmet coffee, talking about our day, reflecting on life.

Upon going back to our hotel room, I’d log all the events of the day in my diary or journal, to use as references for future stories and poetry I could compose.  Or maybe I’d compose some poetry and stories right there in the form of handwritten notes.  When I’d arrive home from the trip, I’d type everything up on my computer, study what I’ve written, put it away for a few days, or perhaps for two or three months, get back to it, and see what kind of perspective or impression I’d get in comparison to the one I had when I first wrote it and read it months before.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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