Flash-Fiction: School Days

Liza already made it half way through her second day at her new school.  However, she still had jitters.  They grew worse by the minute as anxiety crept up into her soul, and confounded her heart with fear as she entered the playground for lunch recess.

Unsure of what to do with herself, she bit her lip, folded her arms, walking back and forth, observing the other students nearby.  Five girls played a game of hopscotch, three others played Chinese jump rope, two more girls played Chinese jacks.

Some boys were further out on the playground playing war, while others across the way indulged in a game of football.

The sun beat down upon Liza’s head, causing her face to drip with sweat.  She sweat all over.

Walking further along, she stood in between the monkey bars and the swing set, observing the other students play.

A young man sitting on the swing called her over, asking her name, where she was from, how she liked the school, and if she cared to join him on the swing set.

“My name is Wendell, by the way,” he smiled while extending out his hand for a handshake.

Liza shook hands with him, sitting on the swing next to him, and introduced herself, “Liza.”

“Great to meet you.  You seemed a bit lost out there, not sure of where to go,” he said, digging his tennis shoes into the dirt, while pushing back on the swing, dragging his feet on the ground.

“Yeah.  Many of the students here seem to be doing their own thing.  They have their own clicks.  I don’t think they take kindly to outsiders here at this school.  At least, that’s the impression they gave me.  I approached the other girls to see if I could join them in the games they played, but all they said was how they already had enough people.  So I left, observing the scenery, waiting for the bell to ring so I can get to my class to do some classroom work,” she replied sullenly, looking down at her feet, let her loafers glide in the dirt, while swinging back and forth.

“Uhh.  Don’t let those girls get to you.  Clearly, they have a lot of growing up to do, before they know how to act like civilized human being.  The problem with many of them is they have been spoiled throughout the years by their parents.  When someone new comes along, it’s like those girls have an inferiority complex of something,” he said while kicking some dirt to the side with his left foot.

“It’s more like they have a superiority complex.  I never had trouble like that at my old school.  Everyone got along.  No one excluded anyone from the fun, regardless if the student was new to the school or was acquainted with the other students for many years,” Liza sighed, while coughing to clear the irritation from her throat from the allergens in the air.

“Don’t worry about them.  You make at least one friend here at this school, you’re doing alright,” he laughed, while leaning over, patting her on the back of her left shoulder.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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