Day 120: (Games People Play) Throughout Childhood, My Brothers And I Played…

Throughout childhood, my brothers and I often played board games such as Life, Payday, Tiddlywinks, Backgammon, Checkers, and many others either amongst ourselves, with our friends, and sometimes with our relatives.

I remember the first time we’d ever played the game of Life.  My mother bought it for us for Easter.  I was enthralled by how regardless of how old or how young anyone was, he or she could get married when landing on the certain spot on the board, and then take either a blue or pink stick figure, depending on one’s own gender, and put it next to his or hers in the little car.  From there, if one landed on the various spots on the board where it said, “Congratulations, you are proud parent of son or daughter,” I thought it was amazing.

My brothers were fascinated by the different vocations one could land on during the game and the amount of money one made, depending on what his or her profession.

We took turns being the banker.  These skills from the board games we played as children came in handy when it came to knowing how to give change when we worked at fast food restaurants when we were in high school and college.

Board games gave me then confidence needed for knowing not only how to give change through handling money, but it was a fun means just to spend quality time with friends and family members.

I remember my brother Stanley’s first reaction when he landed on the spot of the board stating he was a construction.  “I’m going to be a construction worker when I grow up,’ he shouted and smiled, “Look how much money I’m going to make.  I’m going to be rich,” while standing up with his money in his hands, jumping up and down in his Osh Kosh Bagosh blue jeans, and tea shirt on.  In his stocking feet, he almost slipped and fell backwards on the floor.

“Settle down, Stanley, before you fall backwards and crack your head open,” my mother yelled with furled eyes brows.

“I’m just so excited about getting all this money.  Now I can go out and eat a steak dinner and Denny’s Restaurant,” he chided while kneeling on the floor, crossing his legs, waiting for our brother John to take his turn, “Do construction work, Johnny.  It’s good money.  If you do construction work too, then we’ll both be rich and can go have a steak dinner at Denny’s Restaurant.”

“No we can’t, because this is only play money.  But I see your point about professions.  This game does give an indication of what career to get into when we grow up,” my brother John said with enthusiasm.  He was into big words at the time, because of the workbooks my mother got us to learn spelling, grammar and syntax.  He also like to read all kinds of books at a young age.

When spinning the wheel, it said for him to move ahead five spaces.  He didn’t land on the spot saying construction worker, but he did land on the spot for firemen.  “I’m not a construction worker for this game, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be one someday in reality,” he smiled while moving his little car up five spaces.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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