Day 118: (Clutter) I Began With Dusting Off The Furniture

Generally, I try to be organized, but not too organized.  For me, it’s easier for me to find what I need when there is some disorder in the house.  If things are too well organized, I can’t find anything, because I don’t remember where I put whatever it is I happen to be looking for.

When I was a little kid in elementary school, I always took pride in keeping my room very clean.  Arriving home from school, I often ran upstairs into my bedroom to organize it and clean it before starting my homework, because I like the good feeling of accomplishment I obtained from doing so.

One day while I was playing school, I would give different cleaning tasks to my make believe students.  I’d often use index cards to write down the given tasks, and pin them to my bulletin board.  Of course, I did the actual cleaning while pretending it was my make believe students who cleaned the room and organized it.

I began with dusting off furniture, moving about the room from the dresser to my head board, to the other wooden furniture in my bedroom, along with my wooden toy boxes.

Next, I would empty my toy boxes, putting everything on the floor to vacuum the dust and dirt out of there.

Before I put my belongings back into my toy boxes, I had to decide individually if any of my toys and things were something I wanted to keep, or discard.  I made two piles.  One pile was for the things to be discarded, and the other was for the things I wanted to keep.

Upon making my decision about what to keep, I carefully put the things back into my toy boxes in an orderly, organized fashion.

I boxed up the things to be discarded, and put them aside for my aunt and grandmother to either take them to Goodwill or to the Salvation Army.

Getting up from the floor, I walked over to my closet, and tried on my clothes to determine which ones fit me, and which ones I outgrew.  As for the ones I outgrew, I lay them on top of my bed, folded them and boxed them up.

I took all my books off of my bookshelf in my closet to remove all the books I had outgrown.  I boxed them up to give to some friends of my grandmother’s for their children.

Stacking the boxes of belongings up in a corner, I went downstairs into the basement where my mother was washing clothes.

“Mommy, I was cleaning my room, and boxed up clothes that no longer fit me,  I also went through my toy boxes and boxed up things I no longer had use for.  Can you please tell me where you want me to put the boxes, so we can have Grandma Feldman and Aunt Doris stop by the house to pick them up?”  I asked while leaning against the door, swaying my arms back and forth.

“Honey, put them aside in your room, and I’ll get to them when I can.  Right now, I have some work to do here,” my mother said while ironing one of my dad’s shirts.

“I put the boxes in a corner in my bedroom.  I stacked them on top of each other so they’d be out of the way,” I sighed while turning my feet,  swinging the door back and forth

“That’s fine, honey.  You just go and play for now.  When the dryer stops, I’ll be finished with the ironing for the previous load I took out of the dryer.  I’m going to bring up a load of clean clothes for you to help me put away,” my mother said while turning my dad’s shirt on the side to put the creases in the right spots.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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