Day 117: (Fiction) Sitting In A Corner In A Lounge Chair…

Sitting in a corner in a lounge chair at the reception for author Bert Landau, Dominica picked at her plate of food, observing everyone in the room.  At the table to her right, a girl was in deep conversation with two young men.

“I would hate for the same thing to happen in today’s times that happened during the crash of the 1929 stock exchange.  Who’s to know if we as a society can recover from that or not,” the girl sighed while taking a sip of her wine, and pushing her bobbed raven hair behind her ear.

“I doubt something like that would happen in today’s times.  We have come much further along in education, technology, and know-how.  It’s nothing to be concerned about.  Right now we have more pressing matters to worry about.  Our country is at war.  I think the best thing to do is to pray then young men and young women who are fighting overseas in Kuwait come home safe and sound,” said the first young man as he bit into a sweet roll.

“It’s all in God’s hands,” said the second young man who dabbed at his red and white plaid shirt, because he spilled some wine on it, when knocked over his cup while reaching for a bread roll on the table.

Dominica was lost in thoughts.  Honestly?  That’s all that girl over there could come up with to talk about was the stock market crash of the nineteen twenties?  Clearly, she was just trying to sound witty when all she was really doing is making herself sound and look stupid.  But, then again, she is a know it all in Dr. Adele Winslow’s creative writing course.  It’s one thing to give analysis and critique of one’s classmates writings of fiction, but that dumb girl overdoes it.

“Hello, Dominica.  It’s so nice to see you,” said a woman’s voice coming from behind Dominica, who turned around to face her.

“Hi, Dr. Fishman.  I’m glad to see a familiar face here.  How’s your family?  I haven’t seen you nor them in a long time.  I miss seeing you all in church and at church functions,” Dominica smiled while wiping some tomato sauce from the chicken off of her mouth with her napkin.

“Things have been hectic.  My husband and I are working more than usual.  He’s working on a book.  I’m working on my book projects.  We have deadlines to meet for publishers.  With two sons in high school, and a daughter in college, we are also trying to keep up with their extra curricular activities, as well,” the woman said solemnly, while gazing down at her plate of food trying to decide if she should take a bite of the sushi first or the egg roll.

“I understand.  I have a hectic schedule, myself.  It’s not the same kind of stress as you folks have, but it’s stress, none the less.  I’m a full time student from Monday thru Thursday when I’m staying at the dorms on campus.  From Friday thru Sunday, I have a fulltime job working at Junior Burger Restaurant, working 16 hours a day.  Upon getting home from work, I have a fulltime job doing house work, because my mother is too lazy to do it.  When I’m not doing that, I have to either mow the lawn in the fall and summer and spring, or in the winter, I have to shovel the snow, because my dad and my brother are too lazy to do it.  I’m just busy, busy, busy, all of the time.  Tonight was a nice way to break the monotony of my busy schedule.  It’s a nice chance to relax and reflect,” Dominica said while taking in a couple of deep breaths crossing her right leg over her left.

Dr. Fishman leaned over from her seat, patting Dominica on the shoulder, “It will all work out somehow.  Just make sure you find some time to take it easy.  Don’t get too caught up in the drama of everyday life.  If you keep taking in deep breaths to relinquish some stress, you’ll be alright.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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