Flash-Fiction: Day 112: (Childhood Revisited) Princess Dominica

As a child, Princess Dominica was filled with laughter.  A beautiful little girl with big eyes, and honey colored skin, she was the envy of other little girls in the kingdom.  She often ran outside into the garden of the palace where she’d sit and read her favorite book, Tales Of The Fourth Grade Nothing.

The eldest of three children, she often read to her brothers and taught them all the songs she learned in school.

One day, a black cloud drifted over her head.  It was the day her cousin Veronica came from a far away land.  From the moment Veronica first laid eyes on Dominica, she had nothing but contempt for her, when saying, “Mother, that little wench has big eyes.  How come she has big eyes and I don’t?  How come she has beautiful honey colored skin and I don’t?  She has everything, and I have nothing.”

Stroking Veronica’s hair, Lady Clarice kneeled down to her, soothingly replying, “My dear, you are beautiful in your own right.  Don’t be hurt by your cousin’s beauty.  Remember what it states in the Bible about the sin of being envious of others.  Be grateful for what you have, my dear.”

Taking her daughter by the hand, Lady Clarice escorted Veronica down the great hall to meet to go to the office of the Great King Yon Albertson Bithlar Chamberlain to speak to him business concerning the church, and how to get Veronica enrolled in the Astro Academy of the Arts.  This Great King was none other than Princess Dominica’s great-grandfather.

Princess Dominica took her brothers by the hand and escorted them outside into the garden where they played a game of hide and go seek.

Veronica went to the great sorcerer in the darkest part of the woods where she plotted with him to have Princess Dominica banished from the Kingdom, so she could become the great princess of all the land, instead.

One day she tricked the Princess into following her, telling her they are to meet up with her mother to have a picnic outside into the garden.

Little did the princess know the Sorcerer was hiding in the garden.  He grabbed a hold of her, injected her with some potion, where she was placed under a spell causing her to sleep.  He took her to his cabin in the darkest part of the forest.  It was comprised of gingerbread, lollipops, and other special delights a child would love.

The potion was an elixir which temporary erased her memory of who she was.

He convinced the princess her name was Abigail Langston, his daughter.  “Your mother died in childbirth, my dear,” he said soothingly.

To break the spell, she only needed to eat the forbidden orange.  The sorcerer told her it was poisoned, and she’d die should she come in contact with it.  One day, she saw a child outside of the cabin.  It was Veronica who came to collect the fee from the sorcerer.  He paid her with oranges.  “These will make you skin honey colored, my dear.  Go on.  Eat them with pleasure.  You’ll not worry about having no physical beauty again,” the sorcerer laughed.

Overhearing him from the open window, Dominica snuck out back, climbed the tree and picked an orange.  She hid it in the pocket of her dress, until the sorcerer was long gone out of sight.

She peeled the thick skin off of the orange, took a few pieces, put them into her mouth and ate them.  To her surprise, they were marvelously sweet.  Suddenly, the felt her head swirling.  Her memory of who she was returned.

Running as quickly as she could out of the dark forest, she ran into the arms of a knight who was her great-grandfather’s man at arms.  He took her back to the kingdom.

Her cousin Veronica was banished from the kingdom forever.

The sorcerer was placed in the dungeon where he’d await his fate to be decided by the King.

The princess lived happily ever after with her siblings, her great-grandfather, and Aunt Lady Clarissa in the great kingdom.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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