Day 111: (Spring Cleaning) Spring Compels My Imagination

Spring is my most favorite time of the year.  For me, spring gets into my senses, compelling me to take all the beauty in nature in through ways I’ve never before imagined.  I absorb the sweet smells in the air from the new budding flowers.  The grass smells sweeter.  The sweet scent of spring takes me back to the summer of 1975 during my trip to Greece where my family and I would go out into the fields to pick corn, string beans and other vegetables and greens on my grandparents property.

I’m drawn back to my childhood of the 1970’s when my brothers and I would play outside in our yard, whether it be playing on our swing set, playing a game of kick ball, dodge ball, money in the middle, monkey in the middle, tag, all sorts of games.

We’d often pretend we were superheroes who came from other planets, possessing special capabilities and powers for defeating crime and any other threats to mankind.

Sometimes we’d pretend to be well known superheroes such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Incredible Hulk, the bionic woman, or the Six Million Dollar Man.

Other superheroes popular during my childhood were Electro Woman and Dyna Girl.

Spring always had a compelling way of capturing my imagination.  I’d often imagine I could travel to different worlds, where we’d be back during ancient times, living in Atlantis, only my brothers and I would pretend to be living in the world of Aquaman and his people, or we’d travel to Paradise Island, the land of Wonder Woman, to visit with her and her people to learn from them, and to find out more about their powers, such as where the powers came from, and how and when they first acquired them.

I often remember fondly the times my brothers and I would spend with our great-grandfather in the garden, watching him take care of the many beautiful array of flowers he’d planted.  We’d ask him what kind of flower each one was, what variety, and different things pertaining to nature, such as how he knows when the right time is to begin planting the bulbs for the roses, and seeds for the other kinds of flowers.  I don’t recall really what he said, because it had been so many, many years since I’ve thought about any of this.

The atmosphere of spring always put me in such a cheerful mood.  There is always so much positive energy emitted from the beautiful colors found in nature.  Even now as I type this article, I sit on the sofa opposite the window to my front yard, and I can see the beautiful maple trees.  There is a big one that outshines all the rest with fresh amber color leaves in bloom.

It often inspires me when writing poetry or creating paintings.  The meaning turns out different each time.

I let my imagination sail through as I embark on a spiritual mental plight when looking at nature in all its glory.  Through doing so, I obtain a sense of inner piece I’ve never felt through anything else in life.  Nature brings me into an even stronger connection to the Lord, the Creator of all living things.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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