Day 110: (Holidays) For My Family And Me, We Often…

Traditions are a part of life for people all over the world.  For my family and me, we often go out to eat for birthdays, Easter, and Mother’s Day.

For today, we will be taking my grandmother out to an Asian Restaurant.  We usually go to one with a buffet where there are many delicacies to chose from.  After all of sit down to eat, we chat a little, we take pictures, and my aunt will film our experience with her Smart Phone.  Then, we’ll come home where we will generally present my grandmother with cards and gifts which she will open while my aunt and I take pictures.

For Christmas, my aunt, grandmother and I go to my aunt’s god daughter’s home where we are generally invited to have dinner with her and her family.  The meal usually consists of Mexican cuisine, along with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and vegetables.

The women usually sit in the kitchen and talk while the men sit in the living room watching the football game.  The children go down into the basement to play, or they’ll generally stay upstairs in the living room to play or watch the football game.

Once our meals have settled in our stomachs, the children put on a skit which consists of a singing and dancing routine, and some kind of play their mother’s cousin helped them put together, of which children of their family friend also participate in.

When my brothers and I were children, we looked forward to Christmas morning, quietly going downstairs to the living room while our parents were still asleep, digging into our stockings, pulling out one of our surprises, and opening them.  It was our little tradition to open at least one small gift.  Upon opening the gifts, we’d look upon them in awe, and discuss them.  Then, we’d return upstairs to our bedrooms, climb back into our beds, and wait for our mother to wake us to go downstairs to open the rest of our gifts.

Our mother would come into our bedrooms to wake us, while our father yelled into the background, “Okay, wake up.  We’re going downstairs now to celebrate Merry Christmas.  I’m going to go downstairs to wake your great-grandpa up, while you kids and your mother get ready to come downstairs.”

We’d all gather into our living room.  My brothers and I would sit next to the big table where our Christmas tree stood, while my father and great-great grandpa sat on the sofa.

My mother would stand next to the table where the Christmas tree stood, gathering the gifts, and distributing them.

Back in Christmas of 1977, I received the Barbie Town House from my parents.  I was so surprised, and very excited.  I don’t recall what the gifts were my brothers and the rest of my family received at the time.  All I do remember was they were just as excited and pleased with their gifts as I was with mine.

Following our opening of Christmas gifts, we got dressed for church.  My brothers and I hated having to go to church, because we couldn’t play with our new toys until we returned home.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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