Flash-Fiction: From The Views Of An Abandoned Pay Phone

Here I stand all alone with no one around to communicate through me.  I was the connection to the world over.  A child could call home asking his parents for a ride home from school after staying late for an extra curricular activity.  Perhaps an individual needed a ride home from work, and used me to make a call home to have a friend or relative give them a ride home after putting in a hard days work.

I was the main vessel of the region where folks could gather around and talk to a loved one from another part of town or the country or even the world,, because I was the only phone in the village.

Now, I’m left broken, and disconnected, surrounded only by trees and shrubbery.  I’ve been forgotten throughout the decades, because some technology guru decided the world would be better off with a mobile device.  I became an inconvenience as times changed, and the world along with it.

I’ve been abandoned by the folks of this village and by time.  No one cares about me anymore.  I’ve become lower than a second class citizen.  I’m not even a citizen in my country or in any country.  I’m in no man’s land waiting for my demise to take me into the pearly gates where the spirits of the other relics forgotten by time and man fester.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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