Day 109: (True Confessions) Everyone Has Fetishes, But For Me…

Everyone has those fetishes no one else knows about.  As for me, from the time I was little, I always liked to sing in front of the mirror of my bathroom, holding my hand in the form of a make believe microphone, and sing with my hair brush while I’d be brushing my hair.

Whenever I’m in the bathroom, I often like to sing songs such as Listen To The Rhythm Of The Fallen Rain, Kiki Dee’s I’ve Got The Music In Me, Evenescence’s Bring Me To Life, or Madonna’s Into The Groove.  It’s usually then I like to sing the most, other than when I’m listening to my music on my computer or jam box, dancing around.

When I was little, about the age of two through 5 years old, I’d often take my jump rope, stand in front of the television, and pretend I was Cher while watching The Sonny And Cher Show on television.  As I got older, I incorporated her dance movements, and the way she’d sway while singing.

Another fetish I have is I like to brake my cookies up into little pieces, mix them with milk, and eat them with a spoon.  Up until I was 11 ½ years old, I liked to do the same thing with doughnuts and rolls.  Once when I was 7 ½ years old, my family and I went downstairs for coffee hour when service commenced at our church.  I took my roll, dunked it into my milk, let the pieces crumble to get we and mushy in my milk, and I’d drink the milk with the pieces of doughnut in them.

Upon finishing the milk, some of the pieces of doughnut remained in the bottom of my Styrofoam cup.  So, I put my hand in there, dug out the soaked pieces of doughnut out with my fingers, and put the pieces of doughnut in my mouth.  One of my closest friends was grossed out by it.  However, I didn’t care, as long as I could enjoy every bit of my doughnut.

During my college days, I worked at McDonald’s.  At some point while working there, the McLean sandwiches were introduced.  They were mixed with seaweed.  I loved them.

I would eat one every day for my employee meal from the time they were introduced to the public until my last day working there in August 1991.  I was a good suggested seller.  When a customer asked me how they tasted and if they were any good, I simply told them the truth.  I said, “I eat them everyday, because I love them so much.  Not only are they healthier to consume than the other sandwiches, but they do taste so good.  It’s my most favorite sandwich McDonald’s offers to the consumer.”

I sold hundreds of McLean sandwiches a day during my shifts.

While attending Western Michigan University from 1990-1992, I resided at the dorms.  One day during my junior year of college, I had a thought.  Milk is used in cereal, so why not mix yogurt with cereal in place of milk?  So, I did so.  Soon, I got the attention of one of my peers who asked, “Is it really good that way?”

“I simply replied, “Well.  You put milk in your cereal.  And what is yogurt if not milk in its thickened consistency?”

“Now you have something there,” she replied, and followed suit.  At first, she put a small amount of yogurt in a plate, mixing some cereal in with it.  She loved it so much, she went back up to the cereal and yogurt station for some more.

Later in the evening, when my friends and I went to have dinner in the dorm cafeteria, I noticed there was no one in line for the hot food.  All the students were standing in line to get cereal and yogurt.  I started a trend, because word got around as to how good cereal and yogurt were together.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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