Flash Fiction: She Moves Like A Cat In The Night

She moves like a cat in the night, hearing nothing but whispers in the shadows.  Other than the moonlight, there is darkness all around.  Trying all she can do to eradicate world’s problems, she finds a haven within herself.  Her mind is in entanglement as she struggles to find a solution to the world’s problems.

All she can see around her is death.  Sneaking at the moon, she looks to it for enlightenment.

Realizing she is just an invisible face, she wonders, How am I to contribute in the world when no one knows I’m here.  I can’t withhold this traction any longer.  I need to convalesce, and reach a higher pinnacle in life, if I’m to exist at all on the earth.

With her heart pounding fast, and her pulse racing, she jumps into the moonlight, facing the night’s shadows taunting her, only to discover, they are only dark images of her own reflections cast on the side of the buildings by the moonlight.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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