Day 108: (Celebrate Surprises) Surprises Can Happen At Any Moment

There are many surprises in life.  They can happen at any given moment, unexpectedly.  For me, the biggest surprise came December 22, 2010 when I received noticed from a company sponsoring an online daily poetry contest stating I won the daily contest for the Day of December 21st 2010.  I also received a cash prize.

Prior to this, when participating in other literary contests, I either received honorable mention, or 4th place award, or was even notified of being a finalist, but never won a cash prize.  It was always a certificate of award, and a publication in the anthology sponsored by the company hosting the contest.

People have said in the past, “Winning isn’t everything.  It’s how you play the game.”  However, for me, winning the cash prize in the daily contest was everything to me in the respect it gave me gratification, and the assurance I was a good writer.  Throughout so many years leading up to the win, I practiced writing poetry, fiction, plays and other genres of writing to keep improving and growing in the writing craft.  I wanted to be the best.  I’m not there yet, but I’ve come along way since high school where all I knew how to was write poetry in the form of song lyrics containing no imagery or elements good poetry generally has.

My next surprise came recently, when my article Married To The Street not only received a featured spot on the Bubblews website, but receiving such a huge reception.  So many of my peers not only commented on my article, but I also received multiple likes.  The comments and likes are still coming.  So many people had been impacted by my article.  It touched on the issue of homelessness I observed on the streets of Detroit many years ago while passing through on my way home to Kalamazoo from a church affiliated function.

Upon seeing how well my article was received, and resonated with so many people, I was overcome with emotion.  I cried happy tears, because through some small way, my writing ended up give the homeless people some kind of a voice.

Another surprise in my life came back in May 2005 upon receiving an acceptance notice from a publisher stating my novel Dominica’s Inferno was accepted for publication.  At the time of reading the notice, I thought to myself, Finally.  After so many years of struggling to get my book published, a publisher is interested in publishing it. 

Prior to my acceptance, I received at least dozens of rejection letters.

After going through the tedious process of waiting for my publisher to assign me to an editor, the book was officially published on April 17, 2006, becoming available online to the consumer on April 30, 2006.

My very first big surprise I received in my life was back in the spring of 1984 when audition for a dance routine back in the eighth grade.  As I stated in a previous article, I originally auditioned in support of a friend who was also trying out to be one of the dancers in the routine so she wouldn’t be nervous.  I was surprised to find out I made the cut, and my friend didn’t.  I never expected to be any good, because I had no formal training.  All I did was follow the steps of the choreography being taught by the instructors.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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