Day 106: (I Got 99 Problems…) Today, I’m Going To Address Underage Drinking

Throughout the course of my participation of the My 500 Words daily writing challenge, I’ve addressed the problems of child abuse, and homelessness in the world.  Today, I’m going to address the problem concerning underage drinking going on, especially within the United States.

Often starting as early as middle school age, many children engage in drinking when attending parties during the crucial years of their lives, the teenage years.  It carries on through high school, and delves further into college years.

There are several things resulting from underage drinking.  The liver is affected from an early age.  I know of a young man who attended school with my brothers.  Actually, the young man in question was in my brother John’s high school graduating class.  Like many teenagers, the young man engaged in drinking.  He became an alcoholic at an early age, and died while he was a senior in high school due to problems with his liver which were affected by his many years of drinking.  He started drinking most likely at an even earlier age than middle school.

My brothers and I were introduced to alcohol consumption when we were in early elementary school age in the privacy of our homes.  Our parents often told us, “It’s okay to drink beer and any other alcoholic beverages as long as it is done in the privacy of our own homes.  However, under no circumstances are you to do so outside of our home.”  This was a mixed message.

Personally, I never cared for the taste of beer, because it was so bitter.  Therefore, alcohol consumption didn’t interest me any.  Although I wasn’t fazed by it, my brothers were.

When they got into high school, they both attended parties given by our classmates where they engaged in the alcohol consumption, along with the rest of our classmates.  My parents were blind to the notion of alcohol being served at such parties, because they were under the impression the parents of the students giving the parties would be present.  Most of the time, the parents weren’t there, because they had gone on vacation, leaving their teenage children home by themselves, putting too much trust in their judgment.

As for myself, I was never invited to such parties, because I wasn’t popular in school.  Most all of the students I went to high school with were involved in underage drinking regardless of where they fell in the ladders of the social clicks.  I was never included, because I had a hard time fitting in with people.  So, outside of school, I stuck to myself, focusing on my studies, and doing housework.

In November of 1988, my brother John decided to skip school.  He and the so called friend, a piece of garbage, who shall remain nameless went from party store to party store, and managed to purchase alcohol with another friend, a scum, who was 21 years old who purchased the alcohol for my brother, and the piece of garbage who was not only the driver of the vehicle, but the owner of the vehicle.

I have no idea how much alcohol they consumed.  All I know is it made my brother John very sick.  They stopped off at another friend’s house.

Upon entering the house, my brother John ran into the bathroom, and puked.  Why mother of the friend whose house they went to didn’t stop my brother, the driver from getting into the car, I’ll never know.

They both got back into the vehicle.  The driver was going really fast down Red Arrow Highway, getting into a bad car accident, crashing into a semi-truck.  My brother John suffered trauma to the head.  All the driver of the car endured was a broken leg.

The jaws of life had to be used to get my brother John out of the car.

He was in a coma for two weeks before he was taken off the machines and pronounced brain dead.  This happened, because of underage drinking.  It also occurred, because the skum who bought the alcohol for my brother, and the piece of garbage who drove the car was only interested in making a quick buck.

My family not only prosecuted the driver of the car upon my brother’s death, but the 21 year old scum who purchased the alcohol was also prosecuted.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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