You Are The Morning Bird

You are the morning bird

Ascending into golden skies

Kissed with hints of blue and grey.

Silver waters serenade you with

Their rippling ambiance.

Overlooking the earth are the trees

Hovering your soft body immersing in

Chanting winds.

Their souls peak to the heavens

Abound with glory received from the

Golden light of heaven.

You ignite a fire within my soul

And burn my essence with your

Piercing eyes.

I wallow down isolated stairways

In search of the gold your heart

Festers; however, all I find are

Your weakened tendencies consisting

Of your whisky breaths, floating into

My burning eyes from your vindictive

Vapors your ring through the air.

Trepid are the waters resounding in

Your soul to bleed out all holiness,

And overpower me with your wicked


Yet, you are the morning bird ascending

Up into the heavens with grace as you

Take flight in the roaring wind.

You blend in with horizons filling my

Soul with tenderness.

Soulful light cuts through your smoky

Mirrors dampened by the dragon’s

Reprieve, and the tides of emotion

Sail away through the rippling waves

Of your lake.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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