Day 105: (Sweet Dreams) Drifting Through Water Colored Visions…

Drifting through water colored visions while traveling through space and mind, I descend upon strange, sometimes elaborate, or even magical places.  Some places are more familiar than others.  On this particular night, in the world of dreams, my travels took me back to the age of the dinosaur.

I lived amongst cavemen where shrubbery, trees and other plant life surrounded a tall, rough terrain.

I was taken aback by the land of the dinosaur, my heart palpitated, I thought I’d have a heart attack and perhaps die in my sleep.

I was carried away by a force greater than myself.  I began to rise in the air, drifting from harms way, hovering above the dinosaurs, flying over the large body of water, ascending further and further up into the clouds and beyond.

Upon getting closer and closer to the sun, I thought to myself, This is it.  I’m going to die burning up in the great flames of this burning light of the earth.  Why would the Lord want me to go into the sun.  I don’t want to die.  Is this it for me.  Is this how my life is supposed to end.  Was I not supposed to accomplish something greater.  If I die here, no one will no the truth behind my death.  I know I’m dreaming, but I can’t wake up.

I shouted up to the Lord, “Get me our of here.  Don’t let me die here.  I don’t want to burn up in the sun, with no one to know the truth how I arrived at my death.  No one knows I’m here.  My body is in another realm.  Yet, I have a physical body here in my dream state.  I want to get back to my true body.”

As I floated through the sun, I noticed I didn’t get burned.  For this wasn’t the usual sun.  What I assumed to be the sun is really a beautiful light guiding me upward towards heaven.

Arriving at the holy gates, I kneeled, bowing my head as low as it could go.  Emotion overtook me when a rush of tears burst from my eyes.

I was taken out of my emotional trance when I heard the creaking of the gates opening up.  I looked up from where I kneeled, to discover a very tall man standing before me.  For the man I saw before me was the Lord himself.  He reached out to me with his hand.  I placed my hand in his.  He helped me rise to my feet, and led me through the gates of heaven.

He said to me, “Come take a walk with me, my child.  We have much to talk about.”

I took a walk through heavens gates with the Lord.  On either side of me, angels blew their trumpets.  Standing next to them at the far end of the lines were my loved ones who passed on in life before me.  They all welcomed me with their arms wide open.

I thought to myself, I’m home.  I’m truly where I belong.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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