Day 103: (Be Careful What You Wish For) If All Wishes Came True…

For today, I’m going to imagine what would happen if all wishes came true.  Perhaps, the world would be in utter chaos.  There would be nothing left to wish for.  I can’t speak for everyone; however, if I had nothing left to wish for, I don’t know I would be able to have as much of a fulfilling life I have right now.

Perhaps there would be jealousy in the world, because people would still need something to argue about.  I think the world would be dull without anything left to wish for.

Everyday life can at times be cumbersome, but to have something to wish for invokes hope.  When there is hope in the world, there is meaning.  When there is meaning in the world and within our everyday lives, we as human beings have something to strive for, and have an appreciation for life, regardless of burdens we may endure.

I believe it’s the burdens endured making us stronger internally, wiser, and bring us close to the Lord.  It’s the strength we obtain through him giving inner balance and inner tranquility.  When we obtain inner tranquility, we tend to notice all the beauty in the world, taking it all in, and accepting life for what it truly is.  For it is a gift from the Lord himself.

I truly believe we as human beings were put on this earth, not only to achieve in life, but to obtain knowledge.  It’s through life experiences incurred we come to know and understand what living is truly all about.

If there is nothing left to wish for, then there is nothing left to learn, and nothing left to explore.  We as human beings would become lazy, and soon lose tolerance for one another; therefore, bringing about war all over again, because no matter how much we as human beings would have in the world, we’d always want more.  What we have would never seem like enough, because we’d become restless, and bored with our lives, and irritable with each other.

Nothing left to wish for implies everyone would be the same.  There would be no uniqueness left, because we’d all have what the other person has.  There would be no variety.  Variety in the world is one of the elements keeping life interesting.  Challenges must be faced so we as human beings can obtain inner growth.  If we stop having inner growth, life would lose its meaning.  There would be no meaning in the world.  For me, if there was no meaning in the world, there would be no meaning in life.  If there were no meaning in life, I believe I would become depressed.

Personally, I value knowledge.  It’s my most prized possession.  I try to learn something new everyday to expand the capabilities of my mind.

I believe the more we as human beings learn, the better our resources will be preserved.  The more preserved our resources, the more likely there will be plenty in life to go around for everyone, and every living thing.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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