Day 102: (I Wish) I Wish For A World Where Children Actually Have Rights

I wish for a world where everyone is society could be accepted for who and what they are, with no barriers bound to race, religion, gender, nationality where all could be remembered as children of the Lord.

There’s too much violence going on in the world, either consisting of wars between nations, or nations divided over religion and political factions within a country, because one religious denomination wants to take power over another religious denomination.

There’s also the battles going on within the homes of children who have been enduring violence from the hands of either one parent or both.  We as a society need to do more to protect children from the cruelties of abuse.  All it takes is for a parent to harm their children once, for authorities to intervene and place the children in protective custody.  Once children are removed from harms way of their violent parents’ hands, the system should never return the children back to those abusive parents hands.  Society would never return an abused animal back to the one’s who abused it, so we do authorities return abused children back into the dangerous hands of those who have abused them.

Do we as a society place the lives of animals above the lives of human children.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  I love animals very much, but I feel human children should receive the exact same consideration when it comes to their safety and well being.  There is usually a stringent process when it comes to the animals being placed into the hands of families who will love it and take proper care of it; thus, the system makes sure most of the time no harm comes to the animals in the future.  Why not do the same for children?

We as a society need to do more when it comes to protecting the safety and well being of all children.  In the media there are advertisements making the public aware of hunger in the world and the abuse and neglect of animals, why not also promote the issue of child abuse instead of putting it on the back burner.  To many parents are getting away with their crimes when it comes to harming their own children.  It appears they have rights and the children do not.  Children’s rights need more consideration when it comes to their safety and well being.  However, the sad truth is they get lost in a system catering only to the needs of abused animals.

Every child in this world has the God given right to feel safe and secure within their own household.  They all deserve to be placed into the hands of people who are going to be loving, and nurturing to them.  People who have violent tendencies have no place in society let alone around children.  Such people shouldn’t even be let out in society.

It’s time the justice system put the needs of the children first.  Never mind giving the abusive parents second chances to parents.  The system would never return an abused animal back to its owner who did the abusing.  So why return children back to their abusers?

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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