Day 101: (Goals) When I First Started The Writing Challenge…

When I first started the writing challenge, my goals were to get into the habit of writing everyday, so I could get my thoughts to flow more freely.  At Day 101, I achieved that goal, because I have been writing every single day.  My thoughts do flow more freely.   also hoped to write enough story material to make it into an ebook.  As of today, I have chapters for multiple books started of which I’m still striving to complete.  I have not published my material in the form of an e-book yet, because I don’t feel I’m ready to do so.  I want to get some more writing accomplished.  I’d like to complete at least one of the many novels I’ve started.  I have multiple chapters for various novels completed.

I have not published individual pieces of flash fiction in the form of an e-book, because I feel I need to get more experience in building up audience anticipation first.  I’m also striving to improve upon my writing craft and strengthen any weaknesses within my writing.

As for my goal of making an impact with my writing, I recently published a piece on line called Married To The Street, which pertained my trip to Detroit I took a few years back and noticed the large amount of homeless people who lived on the streets of Detroit.  I received lots of feedback on this particular article, and it was very well received by so many people.  I received so many overwhelming amount of people who liked the article, of whom the article resonated with.  It was a gratifying, deeply moving experience.  When I checked my stats, I was overcome with emotion as I saw the multiple number of likes and comments people left.

In my original goals I wrote for Day 2 of the writing challenge, I vowed to write about subject matter I’m most knowledgeable about.  I have done so, through writing about not only things I endured in my own life, but acquired inspiration from my observations of people, places, incidents, and everyday life.  At the time, I had the goal of writing pieces others would be inspired by.  I did inspire people recently as mentioned above, with my article Married To The Street.  The piece got folks talking.  I have also achieved my goal of allowing my soul to speak to the world through my pieces of writing.

As for my future goals, I hope to build up my blog, and get folks excited about my books I’m working on.  From doing so, I hope to get them published, and eventually achieve the goal of being in the top 20 on the bestsellers list.  I intend to keep interacting with my followers, with the hope I can continue to make a difference in the world with my writing.  I also hope to continue to inspire and impact lives.  I also hope to further strengthen my writing craft, as I continue to grow as a writer and as a human being.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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