Day 99: (Follow Your Dreams) To Me, Dreams Are Passions

To me, dreams are the passions in life filling up the soul, heart and spirit to the pinnacle of jubilation.  It’s the passion I feel inside of me making me want to strive for the big goal I want so badly to achieve.  What does the future hold?  I say there are endless possibilities.  However, before one has a dream, he needs to have a passion.  Once he finds his passion, he can set his sights high, breaking his aims down into building blocks containing small steps at a time to take for achieving his dream.

Dreams do take work to achieve.  Looking at the big picture, they may seem impossible to attain.  Many times folks give up on a dream, because they are looking for the easy means for obtaining lots of money, or for obtaining money at all.  So, they settle for whatever jobs are currently available to them, places they can be hired easily for the positions.  Well, much easier than say obtaining employment as either a writer, musician, an actress, an artist, anything in the creative field, because obtaining employment in such fields mentioned here often takes hard work, dedication, perseverance, and the willingness to keep trying no matter how many times failure occurs.

I know others who had aspirations to become either an actress or a film producer.  They had great ability, but elected to pursue careers in fields where employment and financial success were guaranteed through either getting degrees in business or in law.  Upon graduating from college, they took jobs in such fields where they were able to quickly financially establish themselves, met someone, and got married, bought homes of their own, and started families of their own, because many of them wanted to please their parents who believe the only way of having fulfilling lives were through such means.

Many parents I know often advise their children against getting involved in professions in the arts and entertainment business, or any other creative field, because they say there is no future in it.  They want their children to be financially stable right away.  However, I feel through doing do they often take away their children’s ability to obtain personal growth.

The sad thing is through not permitting their children to strive for their dreams in life, and telling them they need to get involved with professions where financial success is easily obtainable, no one will ever know what their children could have achieved or become had they at least given themselves a chance to strive for their dreams through being allowed to face challenges, adversity and learn from them, to become stronger, and somehow achieve their goals through persevering.

My father strongly discouraged me from becoming a writer, because he wanted me to get either a business degree or going into the field of dentistry, or even becoming a dental hygienist.  He wanted me to be more like my cousins and the children of his friends who chose fields of status and quick financial success, because he didn’t believe in me or in my abilities.

I remember coming home following my first day of college, he slapped me just as soon as I entered the house, because he was furious about me taking courses for creative writing, instead of taking courses for business, or dentistry.  Then, he took a heavy, thick metal fry pan and struck me with it, because he saw my refusal to comply to his wishes as disobedient and disrespectful.

I didn’t cry.  I yelled, “You want to stop me from becoming a writer?  Take your shotgun and blow my head off, because that’s the only way to stop me from becoming a writer.  I’m willing to die for the writing profession.  Death would be better than putting up with you and the hell you put me through every single day of my life since I was a little kid.”

He slapped me.  I slapped him back.  Then, he spat in my face.  I thanked him, and I said his malice towards me only makes me stronger and more determined than ever to become a writer and he won’t ever break me, as long as I have the Lord on my side.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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