Flash-Fiction: The Party

Gloria was talked into going to a party with some friends.  Although they had dates, she went stag.  They told her it would be great for her to get out and meet people.  To meet the one.  After so much coaxing, she finally agreed to go to the party, just to appease them and their nagging her.

Upon arriving to the house the party was being held, her friend Mae said, “Gloria, when we get inside, I want to go make an effort to talk to people.  I know that special guy is out there somewhere for you.  Who knows, you may just find him there tonight,” smiling with a devious look on her face, making Gloria suspicious of her intentions for involving her in this shindig.

“Mae, I only agreed to come with you guys to this popsicle stand so you all would stop pestering me about not having a social life.  Personally, I was doing great on my own.  I don’t need to be in a relationship in order to be happy,” Gloria snarled from the corner of her mouth when Gloria opened the front door to let herself in.

Following Mae inside the house, Gloria left Mae and her click and walked over to the sofa to sit and unwind, taking in some deep breaths thinking, How could I let that girl and those friends of hers talk me into coming to this place.  I don’t drink.  I’m not a prude or a goody goody.  Drinking just isn’t my thing.  I’ve had beer a few times as a kid with my cousins and my siblings.  I hate the taste.  I hope they’ll be serving something other than beer tonight.

While Gloria was lost in her thoughts, she was startled when a stranger approached her with a drink, saying, “Excuse me.  Is this seat taken?”

“It’s a free country.  Sit if you want.  Don’t if you don’t,” she replied nonchalantly while slouching on the sofa.

“I’m Dell, by the way,” the man said while offering her a handshake.

She gave him a bewildered look, and accepted his friendly gesture by shaking his hand.

He sat down beside her, asking, “What’s your name?”

“Gloria,” she responded giving off impression of boredom.

“Uh, listen.  I don’t like these kinds of gatherings either,” he said while take a sip of his wine, “Can I get you a drink, anyway?”

“Thank you, but maybe later.  I don’t mean to give off a cold vibe, but I’ve had a long day.  I’m just a little tired.  Not really in a partying mood, festive mood, tonight.  However, you seem like a nice enough guy.  So what’s you’re story.  How is it a great guy such as yourself ends up at a shindig like this?”  She asked, in a more pleasant tone, as she begun to feel more comfortable.

“I’m here, because I didn’t have anything better to do on a Saturday night.  I work long days throughout the week.  My buddies are always nagging me about not taking time to unwind.  They’re always telling me how I need to go out once in a while to meet a nice girl.  So, here I am.  But I must say, I’m enjoying myself much better than I did when I first arrived here an hour ago,” he said, smiling, showing off his beautiful, sparkling white teeth, “Are you sure I can’t get you a drink.  Perhaps a glass of red wine, or a gin and tonic?”

“No, I’d rather sit here talking some more with you.  Honestly, when I go places, I like to remember the events and the people I meet.  I wouldn’t want anything to cloud my mind.  Know what I mean?”  she asked, scooting back a bit more on the sofa to cross her legs.

“I understand completely,” Dell said while taking another sip of his drink.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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