Married To The Street

Married to the street, the homeless drape their bodies with newspapers to keep out the cold at night.  They found the newspapers in the garbage bin some passerby tossed out.  In the mid hours their hearts quake as they shiver in their own hellish nightmare.

Cars drive by, but no one stops to lend them a hand, because they are viewed by society as outcasts who have thrown away their lives.  However, the reality of it all is they were the ones who were thrown away by society.  Many of them either lost their homes resulting from getting laid off, and unable to find employment elsewhere.  Or they could be fresh out of college with no money in their pockets, because they spent their last dime paying for their college education.

The colleges and universities hike up tuition, along with room and board costs to line their own pockets, but in the meantime, the middle class on down struggles to keep roofs over the heads of their families, because parents are trying to scrimp and save to send their children off to college to have a better life.

However, the bottom line is there is so much poverty in the world.  It’s not necessarily due to folks not taking the initiative to help themselves.  Sometimes, no matter how much effort one makes to secure a solid future for himself and his family, he’s still fighting an endless battle for keeping himself and his family out of poverty.

Homeless people are not only married to the street, but they are children of God having been forgotten by society, because they got lost in the system.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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