Day 97: (T-Shirts) If I Were To Design A T-Shirt…

If I were to design a T-Shirt, it would say, “Be brave!  Be wise!  Reflect!  Only You Know Yourself!”  I believe it would start a conversation, had I worn this particular T-Shirt in public.  Perhaps people would notice how unique it is.  It would arouse curiosity, and make people think.  It’s rather philosophical in content.

I imagine walking down the street wearing this T-Shirt, and having someone approach me just to look at the T-Shirt, gaze up at me, and then gaze back down at the T-Shirt, pondering over the message.  Perhaps this person would say, “That’s really deep.  Profound.  I’ve never seen anything like that written on a shirt before.”

I would reply, “Thank you.  I designed it myself, as an expression of who I am.  I hope in doing so, it would spark a conversation, and get folks thinking.”

The person would respond, “It certainly is a thinker.  But great advice, too.  I’ll have to remember that phrase and always keep it in mind.  It’s a good slogan everyone should be wearing.  If they were, perhaps the world would be a better place.”

This person would continue on her way.

I’d be walking along down the streets, observing the heavy flow of traffic going by on a windy day, with my hair blowing in my face.  It’s not too cold, nor too hot.  The temperature is rather soothing against my skin.

I stop at a hotdog stand to buy a chili dog, and catch the attention of the vendor who says, “There’s an interesting idea,” while gazing at my T-Shirt, “I never really thought about any of that contained in your message.  Oh I’ve heard those words mentioned a few times individually when I was growing up.  But the concept of “Only You Know Yourself” rings true.  My priest says something of that nature in his sermons from time to time.”

“Interesting,” I’d say, “He sounds like he’s a wise man,” while picking up a menu from the cart to decide what kind of hot dog I want, “I’ll have a chili cheese dog with a touch of relish, please.”

“Okay, young lady,” he says while picking up the tongs, assembling the chili cheese dog, and hands it to me, “That’ll be a buck fifty.”

Unzipping my purse, I dig through it to find my change purse, retrieve it, pouring some change into my hand, giving the man the exact amount of what he asked for, and went on my way.

I walk further down the street, when a man riding a bicycle yells out to me, “Cool slogan.  My sentiments as well,” and continues on his journey.

I decide to stop at a park nearby where I sit at a picnic table to eat my chili cheese dog.  I say out loud to myself, “I should have gotten a bottled water when I order this.  Now, I’ll be thirsty.  But, then again, there is a drinking fountain across the way.  I just get a few sips of water from there when I’m done eating.”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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