Artistry Is Like Giving Birth

A writer/painter/composer goes through a period of using their intuitive process, in addition to using their minds to process life, both in the forms of reality and the imagination.  It is a rampage of emotional fire at times, causing the cinders of the soul to emerge and rise into burning flames, festering out of control.  For if they are interrupted, these artists in questions sometimes snap at their friends and loved ones when interrupted during their process of being in the zone.

Once the creative process is lit by the match of passion, an emotional fire increases with intensity.  It is this flame driving the writer/painter/composer to push through their creative process to bring forth the completion of their masterpiece.  For it is their ability to tell a story either by using words, strokes of a brush, or a key struck, strummed or beaten on a given instrument.  All of these art forms create pictures often compelling the viewer, observer and listener to participate in this emotional upheaval.

When an artist of such as was mentioned can established a strong emotional connection with his audience, he has achieved what he has set out to do.  Each one imbues factors of the heart, soul, spirit, and mind to compel the imagination to come alive, filled with the colors created by his artistry.  For these colors live and breath through their creator.

A true artist of this nature brings forth new, compelling ideas to move their audience forth into other worlds.  Worlds often resonating with the viewers who reciprocate the feelings of passion for the spoken word, either through literature, a portrait, or a piece of music.

It’s all about filling the imagination in a way the heart, mind and spirit are enabled to work together as one element, very much the way a good storyteller enables the audience to participate in the experience and share in the triumphs and tragedies of a given character in a story being told.

If the artist cannot put himself into his own work, it would demonstrate he doesn’t care about the work of art he strives to create.  If an artists doesn’t care about the given story or about any of the characters he creates, neither will his audience.

When an artist can draw his audience into a story, allowing them to share in the experience through living through the eyes of a given character, it demonstrates the artist has done his job, and done it well.

For it is the job of a writer/painter/composer to teach, as well as entertain his audience.  Through a given story, man learns something about life and about himself.  He takes away something new from a given story each time he reads, views, or listens to it.  Therefore, he finds hidden meaning not only within the presented story, but within life itself.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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