Day 94: (Be Helpful) I Never Imagined My Writing Impacting People

It was back in April 2006 when my book Dominica’s Inferno was released and made available online for folks to purchase.  I promoted it like crazy, sending out flyers to people I knew, along with sending emails, or getting in touch with friends and relatives via Facebook.

My book Dominica’s Inferno highlights the issues of child abuse and depression.  Little did I know how much my book would impact people.  I’ve had friends come up to me and say, “I too experienced all those things you talk about in your book.  It made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the world.”

There was a nice lady living in another state who happened to see my book in a television advertisement.  She got in touch with my publisher telling them how much they were touched by the advertisement.  The lady gave my publisher her phone number, and asked if they would pass it and the message onto me.

I received an email from my publisher containing the lady’s name, phone number, and the message she asked them to relay to me.

I immediately telephoned the lady.  She was so very pleased to hear from me, and told me about her own experiences with child abuse.  I was also told the television commercial pertaining to my book was so deeply moving.

I listened to the lady as she confided her story to me.  I was so honored and pleased about her sharing her story.

I sent her a follow up letter telling her how much I enjoyed talking with her, and how much it meant to me for someone such as herself to take such a deep interest in my writing.

She responded to my letter thanking me for lending my hear.  Although she had a close friend she was living with, she never really confided to anyone other than to him about her life or about what she went through.  It meant so much to her to have me listen to her story.  I was able to bring the lady some for of comfort.  She also said she ordered my book, and looked forward to reading it upon receiving it.

To me, this was a special miracle.  We all have ways to impact the lives of others regardless of how big or small.  For me, it was through my writing craft I helped folks in some way to heal from their own bouts with child abuse, and made them feel like they weren’t alone.  For others, it was a beginning for the healing process.    It also helped folks who experienced other forms of violence, and could relate to many of my experiences and the aftermath usually following a violent experience.

Many of my former teachers and classmates also purchased copies of my book.  They never knew I had experienced child abuse when I was growing up, because I always kept my home life separate from my school life.  Like me, there were some of my classmates who had their own bouts with depression throughout the years, especially during high school.  I was able to help them with some healing, as well.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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