Day 93: (Man’s Best Friend) Tsipsina And Mr. Alex, My Best Friends

During my middle school through college years from the mid 1980’s through the early 1990’s.  My best friends were my cat Tsipsina, and my bird Mr. Alex.

Whenever I was depressed, I always went outside to where my father made a little house just for our cats.  Tsipsina always came up to me, rubbing her head against my feet.  Somehow she knew I needed her at the time.  I picked her up into my arms, step of our patio, rocked her to sleep, while I told her my troubles.  I was having difficulties fitting in with my peers in school.  I didn’t belong with the stoners, because I never did drugs.  I knew I didn’t belong with the preps, because for one thing, I didn’t come from money, or wear expensive clothes.  I didn’t belong with the jocks, because I wasn’t interested in sports.  I was lousy at sports.  I didn’t fit in with the squares either, because even they went to parties of their own where alcohol was served.  Places of which I was never invited, because they too found my perfect demeanor to be off putting.  I also didn’t belong with the nerds, because they were smarter than I was.

Although I got along with everyone at school, they were never anyone I consider close friends or confidants.  I didn’t trust anyone.  Then again, those people weren’t really anybody I could ever trust.  All of those clicks had their own gossip.  I wasn’t interested in gossip, although they all confided in me about each other, while talking against each other.  Yet, when they were together, they were always hugs and kisses to each other’s faces.  So, I never paid too much attention as to what exactly they were saying about each other, or to their complaints.

I was lost, because I missed my friends I had back at the Kalamazoo Public Schools.  They were my true friends, people I could definitely trust.

So, I confided my troubles to my cat Tsipsina.  I also sang to her.

Our parrot Mr. Alex was nice company, although I had to be careful what I said around him.  Being a parrot, he was likely to repeat what was being said.  However, he didn’t know any better.  I did enjoy spending time with him.  I taught him Greek and Spanish, in addition to teaching him English.  We both liked the same types of music.  However, he was interested in the music of New Kids On The Block.  Back during my high school years, I never took much interest in them, but I did like some of their songs.

My pets were a great source of comfort to me, especially during the times in my life I felt lonely and complacent.  They made me feel like I belonged.  I never had any sense of belonging when I was around my classmates during my middle school and high school years, because I always felt like an outsider.  I never really belonged with any of the groups of people I mentioned above.  Only my pets were able to give me a sense of belonging.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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