A Little Girl Gazes Up

A little girl gazes up at the musicality of

Black birds flying through the opaque sky,

Mixed with the rawness of red.

Dark grasses spring up in the shadows

Sending forth their signals of light

Radiating throughout their core.

The heart of the young yearns

For the ambiance resonating

With the heavens brewing

In powerful flames of His

Spiritual presence leaving

The child in awe of its

Graceful dance.

Her heart sends forth

Purity of her laughter

When her heart rejoices

At this blissful sight

Hovering above emulsion

Of these fields.

“Dream in color, my child,”

Says the Lord whose voice

Echoes throughout the lungs

Of the black birds, “Dance

Upon this body of earth

Holding you up.  Let the light

Of heaven be your guide

When night falls into daylight,

And merges with your precious

Smile.  Allow the clap of you

Voice to beat down unholy

Tyrants when need be, but

Always remember who you

Are, whenever you look upon

My face in the form of this somber


© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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