Day 90: (Chocolate) I’ve Loved Chocolate Ever Since I Was 7 Years Old

I’ve loved chocolate since I was a child of 7 years old.  It was my brother’s 4th birthday party.  Every year, my mother always let my two brothers and me choose what flavor of cake we wanted.  My youngest brother liked chocolate.  Prior to then, I abhorred chocolate, because it always tasted bitter.  I was mad about my brother choosing chocolate cake for his birthday.  “Why couldn’t you have chosen strawberry cake, instead?”  I shrieked, while I went into the living room, and sat on the sofa with my arms crossed.

When my mother was helping my brother to cut the cake, I refused to go into the dining room to accept a piece, because I didn’t like chocolate.

My brother came into the living room, approached me, crying, “Please, Kiki, have a piece of my birthday cake.  My birthday only comes once a year,” with tears pouring down his sullen cheeks, and his eyes puffing.

Looking at him, seeing his eyes filled with tears, I accepting the piece of cake, with tears falling from my eyes, saying, “Okay, Stanley.  I’ll try the chocolate cake,” as I cut a small piece with my fork, and inserted it into my mouth, “This I good.  I never expected it to taste sweet.  Usually, when I have anything chocolate, it would always taste bitter.  This is the best of anything chocolate I’ve ever had.”

A week following the birthday party, my mother took my brothers and me to the party store next to our house.  She told us we could each select a candy bar.  I chose Three Musketeers.  My brother Stanley chose a Kit Kat, and our brother John chose a Mars bar.  Three Musketeers became my favorite candy bar ever since then.

Eventually, I was open to trying all kinds of chocolate bars.  My second favorite chocolate was Chunky.  The first flavor of it I tried was the one containing peanuts.  Next, I tried the one with raisins.  Chocolate had become one of my biggest passions.

As I got older, I went on to trying Hostess cupcakes, and Ding dongs.  I also fell in love with chocolate marshmallow Moon pies, and Little Debbie chocolate Swiss rolls.

My passion for chocolate came about, all because a little boy of 4 years old convinced me to try a piece of his chocolate birthday cake.

When I was in the 5th grade, my brother John was in the 4th and my brother Stanley was in the 3rd, my grandmother took us to the High Wheeler Ice Cream Parlor downtown inside the Hilton Hotel (now known as the Raddison Plaza hotel), and I had an ice cream bicycle, consisting of a mixture of chocolate fudge candy, chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, peanuts, and cherries on top.

Now days, I like to put sugar free chocolate syrup into my cup of fat free milk, and fat free plain yogurt, which is always a special treat.  Chocolates are still my favorite kinds of candies, although I get sugar free chocolates.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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