Day 89: (The Best Day Ever) Our Trip Downtown

I was 4 ½ years old, when my aunt woke me up in the morning, helped me get dressed, and brought me downstairs to my grandmother’s kitchen to have breakfast.

She made me one soft boiled egg, mixed with some small pieces of bread, and a tiny sprinkle of salt.  I also had a chocolate fudge breakfast square with it, along with a small glass of milk, and a small glass of orange juice.

My brothers were still upstairs sleeping.  My grandmother was also upstairs sleeping.  She was there to look after them for when they would awaken, and needed anything.

Our relatives had come in from Germany.  They were still upstairs sleeping.

My aunt turned on the television for me in the living room where I sat on my favorite inflatable red chair.  We watched The Woody Woodpecker Show, my favorite cartoon star.

While I was watching the show, I my aunt from Germany came downstairs with my cousin.  They went into the kitchen to have breakfast, and then joined us.

Next, my Uncle from Germany came downstairs.  My aunt, his wife, went into the kitchen with him so she could fix him some breakfast.

About a half hour late, my grandmother came downstairs with my two brothers.  They too went into the kitchen to have some breakfast.

We all left my grandmothers house, and headed to the playground downtown on the Kalamazoo Mall.

My brothers and I enjoyed sliding down the pole that was attached to the slide, in addition to sliding down the slide.

Our cousin sat on one of the swings where her mother pushed her back and forth.

My grandmother sat on one of the seats talking to our uncle from Germany.

My aunt that was my mother’s sister was looking after my brothers and me.

By the time we left the playground, it was lunch time.  We went to Walgreens to eat at the restaurant that was within the store.  I had a hamburger and French fries, as did my brothers and our cousin.  To drink, I had orange pop, my brothers had sprite, and my cousin had root beer.  My two aunts had a cola, while my grandmother and my uncle had coffee.  To eat, the adults had cheeseburgers.

For desert, we had ice cream sundaes.

Upon finishing our meal, and paying for it, we looked around in Walgreens.

My cousin, brothers and I enjoyed looking at the toys.  We were told to look, but don’t touch.  If there was anything we wanted, we would have to wait either for our birthdays or for Christmas.  However, we could pick out what we wanted for our birthdays or Christmas.

Later, we walked down to Bronson Park to feed the birds with some bread my grandmother, uncle, and two aunts purchased from Walgreens.  We sat on the park bench watching the squirrels run up and down the trees.

My cousin enjoyed wading in the fountain, until her mother told her it’s not allowed.  She put her shoes back on, came over to where the rest of us were sitting and fed the birds.

This was the best day ever, because it was a nice means for us to spend quality time together as a family.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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