Flash-Fiction: The Light That Broke Through The Darkness

Dominica Moore had been going to school at the little country school for only three months.  At first, things were bitter, what with folks making fun of her behind her back.  Then when she went to sixth grade camp, she acquired some confidence in herself, making some friends and being popular in the process.  However, three months later, things got hectic for Dominica.

She was standing near the back entrance of the middle school with some girls who were supposed to be her friends, when one of the girls named Carlotta started antagonizing Dominica, “What the h— kind of pants are those?  Bell bottoms went out of style after the nineteen eighties came along.  What were you parents thinking buying you those ugly things, Dominica.  Why don’t you wear normal jeans like Jordache or Calvin Klein.  Gloria Vanderbilt’s would be ideal also,” taunting Dominica while pushing her against the glass door.

The other friend Chris stepped in.  She seemed nicer, saying, “Well, Dominica’s jeans could pass for Jordache jeans with the brown line and the stitching.”

“Chris, nobody in their right mind would wear the kind of jeans Dominica is wearing,” Carlotta said while kicking Dominica and spitting on her.’’

Tears welled up in Dominica’s eyes, as she struggled to hide her pain and sorrow.  However, the rain building up in her soul started getting the best of her as the tears dripped one after the other down her sullen cheeks.

She’d had enough of Carlotta, so Dominica punched her in the eye, making her eye black and blue.

Chris got involved saying, “Wait a minute, Dominica, you can’t do that to my friend,” while kicking Dominica in the shins.

Soon a crowd gathered around, as it was two against one.  The boys and girls who looked on at first started participating in the bullying.  The one boy grabbed Dominica by the arms, swung them behind her back, held her hands tight with Carlotta, and shoved her into the snow.

One by one, everyone got in one the bullying, hitting, kicking, and spitting on Dominica.

Then, one young man was the light in Dominica’s darkness when he came along and broke up the fight, shouting, “Leave her alone, d— you all.  Leave her the h— alone.”

Shoving his way through the crowd, he walked up to Dominica who was filled with tears coming from her eyes, and bloodied nose.  Extending his hand to her, he said, “It’s alright.  They won’t hurt you.  I won’t let them.”

Accepting his hand, Dominica was helped up from the mound of snow she was shoved into by the other students.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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