Day 75: (Offend Someone) In The Bible It Teaches To Love One’s Enemy

In the Bible it teaches to love one’s enemy, love one’s neighbor as he would himself.  I go along with love one’s neighbor as he would love himself, but I can’t agree with the notion of loving one’s enemy.  Folks who have done wrong to me in the past have taken the notion from the Bible, and they stress the notion of how important it is to forgive one’s enemies and those who have done wrong to me, or I wo-n’t be saved.

I don’t believe in this concept.  I believe I was already saved from the very moment I was baptized.  From my experience, I’ve had folks use the Bible as an instrument or a license to do harm to me repeatedly, just because it says in the Bible about forgiveness.  They have the notion in their head they can do whatever they like to me, however they like to me, just because they strongly believe I have to forgive them no matter what.

In the Bible, it mentions twice about turning the other cheek, but it doesn’t mention anything about turning the cheek a third or fourth time or more after that.  Forgiveness and loving one’s enemy is one thing, but what some folks fail to realize is in no place in the Bible does it say about folks needing to be punching bags for others, either physically, psychologically, verbally, or spiritually.  It’s important to take a stand.

In the Bible it states where Jesus upturned the tables when folks were gambling in the church, and he also took the whip to them referring to them as fools.  Although he has always been a loving man, he never stood by and let injustice take place.  He stood up to injustice, such as he did when the woman was going to be stoned.  He said to her accusers, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” However, he also said to the woman, “Where are your accusers?”  She replied, “They’re aren’t any.”  And he said for her to go on her way, and to sin no more.  To sin no more means sin is not to be repeated.

However, as I have stated, there are some folks who use forgiveness as a license to do harm to others repeatedly, because they believe it is their God given right to do so, just because the Bible says about forgiveness.  Such people who believe they can bring hurt and harm to others regardless, because they believe it is their God given right to do so, and it is so they are to be forgiven are ignorant, and clearly don’t know what the truth is.

Yes, the Bible mentions for folks to forgive those who have trespassed against them, but in no place does it state they have the right to continue to sin and bring harm against those who have forgiven.  To believe otherwise is a sin in and of itself.  No one is above the laws of the land, and there are consequences for all to pay who bring harm to others, especially for those who do not learn their lessons the first time, because they don’t want to learn from their own mistakes.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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