Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,

Like the white softness of a dove’s wings.

Rich melodies derive from the heart and soul

Combined with the mind and spirit,

To bring forth trickling waters from a

Porcelain fountain carrying on top of

It a statuesque child pouring out innocence

To cleanse away torment building up

In the realms of treachery.

For dreams are created out of clay

To form a champion to free man

From perils derived by his own

New to battle out for power and

Control over another nation.

However, it is the pureness of heart

Breeding simplicity in its inner most

Beauty derived from the Holy Light.

Marching up the stairway to heaven,

The broken child finds his way back

To his true home found within the arms

Of the Lord, his true father of all father’s.

For it is there the child shall continue to

Honor his Heavenly Father by echoing

His word in song, and humble himself

Before the foot of His alter, when

Hummingbirds stop by the birdbath

To dip their beaks, wetting their pallets,

Bring forth music bursting from their


For these sweet melodies are an imitation

Of the voices belonging to the Lord’s Army

Of angels who bring forth the sunrise to

Burn up the sky with its flame, and to guide

All life on earth toward their platitudes

They are destined to reach, and command their

Own vessels sailing across the Atlantic.

Far reaching is the master of the skies

Striving to melt into every heart and soul

Dwelling in desolation, and destitution,

Building castle’s in the sky.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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