Flash Fiction: Day 67: (Let’s Talk) Shopping For The Perfect Dress

Dominica Moore, her Aunt Doris, and Grandmother Clara Feldman went to a children’s clothing store to look for a dress for a 3 year old child’s birthday gift.  They were shopping for a family member’s child.

Looking through all the dresses on the racks, Dominica came across one of interest she showed to her aunt.  It was white on top with pink tool on the bottom, and pink ribbon around the waist containing a little pink rose in the center of the waist.  “What do you think of this dress, Aunt Doris?’

“It’s alright, but I like the first one I saw.  I just wish it were a size 4 toddler, instead of a 2 toddler,” Aunt Doris said somberly while gazing down at the dress, and went back to searching for another dress on the racks.

“But this one is the same dress you saw, only it’s the correct size,” Dominica insisted.

“No, Dominica, it isn’t.  If you’ll look at the top part of the dress I’m holding, and the one you have in your hands, you’ll see the top part of the dress is different,” Aunt Doris informed Dominica.

“Oh.  I didn’t notice that before.  Well…we could still get this for the little one, since we can’t find a size 4 toddler in the dress you want for little Miriam.  This one I’m holding is just as good,” Dominica insisted while carefully placing the dress in the basket, hanging it on the back of the seat of the cart.

Aunt Doris comes across a yellow dress.  It’s pretty, but not one Dominica likes.  “I say, go with the first choice for a dress, Aunt Doris.  Since we can’t find a size 4 toddler in the dress you originally picked out, let’s go with the one I have in the basket.  It’s close to the one you wanted.  It looks similar, anyway,” Dominica said, optimistically.

However, Aunt Doris declined, saying, “I don’t like that one,” while looking through some more dresses on the opposite rack she’d looked before, coming across a beautifully white dress with a peach colored ribbon around the waist with a peach colored rose in the center of the waist.  She showed it to Dominica, “I like this one.  We should get it instead of the one you have in the cart.  It would look better on little Miriam.”

Grandmother Feldman protested, “I don’t like that dress.  To tell you the truth, I don’t like any of the dresses you girls picked out.  They look to old for the little girl.”

“No, they aren’t, ma.  These dresses are for a child Miriam’s age.  She’s going to be three years old tomorrow.  The dresses Dominica and I have been looking at are for a child Miriam’s age,” Aunt Doris insisted while placing the dress into the cart, while Dominica removed the other one from there.

Grandmother Feldman protested so much, Dominica lost her temper, shouting, “Grandma, the dress Aunt Doris picked out is perfect.  Stop acting like a spoiled child and grumbling under your breath just because the dress isn’t to your liking.  The dresses you picked out are cute dresses.  Don’t misunderstand me.  However, they are much too small in size for a child Miriam’s age.  If you look at the sizes on them, you’ll see they are for a 24 month old child and for a 12 month old child.  Aunt Doris already told you Miriam is going to be 3 years old tomorrow.  We are getting the dress Aunt Doris picked out.  End of discussion,” while following Aunt Doris to an aisle down further to look for some hair accessories to go with the dress.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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