Flash Fiction: Alarming Sounds Chime Through Her Ears

A young girl stands outside in the misty air, as the bold breeze bites its way into her soul.  She’s chilled to the bone.  Bluish-grey skies surround her like a cloud of smoke overtaking her village with rain pouring down upon her head she keeps covered with a wicker hat.

The girl embraces herself by holding her right arm close to her heart for added warmth from the fire that burns within her spirit, longing to be set free from its perils.

In the background is the haziness of the fields filled with the grass whipping back and forth, driven by the rage of the approaching storm.

Alarming sounds coming from the wind chime through her ears, as she closes her eyes to think of more pleasant times in her life when she was a child.  She thought about the times her grandparents would take her to the farmers market to purchase the freshest produce.  However, today, there is nothing but destruction brewing behind her, as the rain carries everything away with it.

The music ringing through her ears has grown louder and sharper.  Her head pounds like a drum beating to the rhythms of the pelts of rain hitting her hat.  She can hear milt tap, tap, tap, tap, as tears from the sky immerse her entire being with the sharpness of its cold breaths.

The trees sing their own tunes of sorrow for the crops washed out by the rage of the wind and rain.  However, all the girl can think of is getting home safely, where she’ll be tucked in her own bed by her mother.  No matter how old she gets, her mother has always told her she’d always be the innocent little girl who needs protecting from the monstrous storms brewing on the path to destruction.

For every tear falling to the ground, the rain cries louder, and its soul falls harder to the earth to feed on the geyser holding it over for a new day.  The sun will bring forth a brighter tomorrow, but for now, the rain falls onto the girls shoulders, drenching her clothes, as her hair drapes them with their moisture.

Soaked through and through, her tides come crashing down on top of her body, as she fights the cold, clinging to herself, hoping to revisit her haven when a new song of the earth is played out by Mother Nature.

Everything is falling asleep in the storm as the grass gets pulled up from its roots.  However, the girls haven, now a nightmare of ghoulish intention resets her life.

The hours linger as she tries to hold herself up.  However, the winds are too strong, causing her to crouch, and let the rains fall all over her back.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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