Learning From The Past

I recently watched a rerun on television of the show Too Close For Comfort. In this particular episode, Lisa, the nanny to Mr. and Mrs. Rush’s son Andy, was going to night school to learn English. As it turned out, the teacher was a scum who hit on the girl.

When Lisa finally got the courage to confide this information to Mr. and Mrs. Rush, they embraced her. Mr. Rush told her that he’d take care of it and put a stop to the teacher harassing the girl. He told her wouldn’t feel any different if it had happened to his own daughters. To the Rush’s, Lisa was like a daughter. It moved me to tears. I was so overcome with emotion as the tears flowed down my face. This was the most beautiful of all the episodes. I was touched by how even though the girl was no relation to Mr. and Mrs. Rush, they treated the girl like family.

I’m amazed at how true this is, regarding the notion about how strangers become so close like family, and sometimes better family to a person than their actual relatives.

The notion of people caring so much for someone, it doesn’t matter if a person isn’t blood related. They can be total strangers who become like a part of each other’s family.

It’s about showing compassion to one’s fellow human beings.

If the world operated this way, perhaps there would be no more wars. Therefore, hatred would be ended I the world. Parents would teach their children to love all people regardless of who they are and where they come from.

It’s a shame to think there is violence going on in certain parts of the nation and in certain parts of the world. All most people are able to do is stand by and let the violence continue in various parts of the world.

Governments try to solve the problems of violence in the world through force, more violence and more bloodshed. It becomes a never ending cycle of war.

Instead of contributing to the violence in the world, the governments in every nation need to do more to bring about peace in the world through showing compassion to the enemy.

It also starts in the home. The way a person is raised comprises his personality and behavior for when he becomes an adult. If violence is all an individual or group of individuals have known in life, they sometimes inflict such violence and pain on others as a form of regression. That’s not right. Changes must be made.

I myself grew up in a household of violence. I’ve always strove from a very early age to learn from my parents mistakes and from the mistakes of others, so I may become a better person than they were or still are. It’s vital for every individual to take it upon themselves to learn not only from their own mistakes, but from the mistakes of their parents and from the mistakes of others, to be sure they themselves don’t repeat the mistakes others have made. It’s the only way to make a better world for future generations. It’s the only way to fully bring about world peace, as well as peace within oneself.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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