Day 63: (Tell A Tall Tale) It Was A Backwards Day

Dominica, her Aunt Doris, and Grandmother Clara Feldman went for a drive a couple weeks ago.  First they stopped at the post office to mail a package containing a birthday gift for a relative who lived out of state.  From there, Aunt Doris stopped for some gas at Meijer gas station.  This woman in the front of them filled up her car with gas.  Instead of taking the pump out of the tank when she finished with it.  The woman went inside, paid for the gas, and drove off, taking the pump with her; thus, removing the pump from the machine.  She did lots of damage.

A police officer happened to stop in at the gas station while Aunt Doris was filling up her own tank with gas.  Walking past Aunt Doris’s car, he noticed the damage done to the gasoline machine.  He asked, “What happened here, miss?”

“This woman who was parked in front of me used that machine for pumping gas into her car.  She went inside the party store while the pump was still in her tank.  I can only assume she paid for the gasoline when she went into the party store.  When she exited the store, she got into her car, and must have forgotten to remove the pump from the car tank.  Anyway, she took off, taking the pump with her.  It broke off of the machine in the process,” Aunt Doris replied gesturing with her one hand, while pumping gas into her car with the other.

“Ma’am, can you describe the make and model of the car.  Also, did you get a good look at the woman?  Can you describe her?”  The policeman asked her, while jotting some notes down in his notepad.

“Her car was a 2003 Pontiac.  Her license plate number was Ace631.  The woman was a brunette.  Heavyset.  Olive peach colored complexion.  She wore a red sleeveless blouse with blue denim shorts and brown sandals.  She also wore a red visor on her head.  That’s all I remember about her,” Aunt Doris replied, while removing the pump from her own car.

“Thank you, ma’am.  You’ve been most helpful.  Can I get you name and phone number to put you down as a witness for the report?”  The policeman asked while making some notations in his notepad.

Aunt Doris gave him the information he requested.  She then took her receipt from the machine, because she paid for the gas using her debit card.

Upon leaving the gas station, Aunt Doris drove to Wal-Mart with Grandma Clara Feldman, and her niece Dominica Moore.

On there way down to the store, Aunt Doris had to pull off to the side of the road, due to a high speed chase.

The perpetrators through a bag out of the window.

Fifteen police cars passed by Aunt Doris’s car.  They all followed the car of the person who threw out the bag from the car window.

There was another police car that stopped to search for the bag that was thrown out the window.  Upon finding it, the police officer retrieved it.  Got back in his car and took the same path the other police cars did that went by.

Aunt Doris drove down the road to find the car stuck on top of a snow mound surrounded by police cars.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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