Flash Fiction: Grey Skies Fall Over The Bluish Horizon

Grey skies fall over the bluish horizon mixed with smoky colors of red and brown.  It overlooks the earth with a consciousness emitting from its soul.  The lavender waters surround every beat of my heart, capturing the green grass of the valley.  I’m isolated on my own playing field that breathes forth new life into a dying land, dwelling within my own mind.

This isolated plain strums music with the mountains feeding upon the sky with its essence overwhelmed by the very depths of darkness that burns a candle in the wind.

Fever burns up in the tides of the evergreen.  I hope to dance in the winds with the songs of flourishing islands.  I’m left beholding the magnificence of the entire sight of this realm.

The rocks within the body the valley holds within itself creates a hunger inside deep plights of an oncoming storm to demolish this beauty its eyes behold.

I’m famished with a fire all consuming me with a vengeance, because my leading light cannot sustain itself in the rains crashing down to the earth.  Each raindrop cries as it hits the ground.  For the earth’s children can only breathe if they withhold a small amount of air from the lungs of the clouds.

I’m feeble as a result of fighting this never ending storm brewing inside my heart.  My soul has become numb.  The cretens have eaten my spirit alive with no way of recovering what’s been lost to death.  He rises from the cinder he feeds upon, and drifts along the plains of illusion.  For only the tithes of the sun can vanquish all the unholy beings from this world.

Walking through the valley of life leads me down new roads to be chosen.  I chose the song of the eastern star as my new home.  The challenges the storm brought me in the past have subsided.

I am now on a new playing field.  For every vision my soul poured into my mind, my eyes can see the colors of the wind as they light up the sky like a flame.

I behold the valley of the merciful with each breath I take in.  For the fresh air cleanses the soot from my soul Death has left me to overcome.

I tread carefully up to the mountains, the steeper they get.  For the more challenges I face, the stronger I become.

I’m amazed by the heavens gazing down on me with their beauty.  Their smokiness has captured my heart, and helped me to walk on the path to righteousness, always.  I stay on track of this worldly delight with the breathtaking sight to gaze upon.

I long for the hours spent here on earth to become a big payout for my deeds done here on earth.   Forever and ever more, I shall laugh in the wind, howling its way through the storm of the night.

I dance in this heavenly delight in the dessert moon.  I call out to you, my Lord, to feed my spirit with you word.  Allow me to reach new heights of enlightenment, as I walk in the sands with You.

I flow freely up to the Heavens with each breath I take.   For only you know the limits of my breathtaking plight.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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