Flash Fiction: Through His Curiosity, Oliver Winston Makes A Life Changing Discovery

Curiosity is the wonder of life in discovering the world.  Hidden within the depths of the earth, Oliver Winston discovers new life forms growing.  He decides to call his discovery the magnificent field of germinating stingers, who bite into the core of a fruit or vegetable, and create new colors in them the world has never seen.  Tomatoes turn blue, strawberries turn purple, grapes turn orange, oranges turn turquoise, and bananas turn opaque.  The list goes on and on regarding the changes in produce.

“What kind of changes can we expect in mankind, should they eat produce from my garden.  I think I shall give them a try.  I’d love to see what effect my bananas would have on me.  Maybe I can mix them with the other fruits and vegetables having gone through similar occurrences within their colors,” Oliver shouted in delight, while picking all the produce he could manage to carry in his basket.

He went inside his cottage, chopped up the fruits and vegetables, and created a beautiful salad.  He decided not to add any dressing, because he preferred to taste the natural flavors of these special produce.

An hour went by after he consumed this meal, when he noticed he felt unusually smarter.  He realized the true path of the world’s timetable, and could predict the future through the patterns of the universe.  Mind you, astrology is nothing new.  However, he was able to go beyond that.  He was able to realize how all the areas of study and all the professions combined formed on solitary answer to all the worlds problems.

“Eureka!”  he shouted from the top of his lungs.  “I’ve discovered the means for ending all wars on this planet.  I could even use this knowledge to end hatred in the world, hunger, and poverty.  I even know the answer for curing all disease on this planet, and how man’s life can be prolonged to the point of sustaining his life for eternity.  With my produce we will all live forever and never age.  Yippee!”

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015


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