Day 60: (What’s Next?) The Writing Schedule That Works Best For Me..

I find that the best pace and schedule that work for me are fast pace during the afternoon.  I’m so much more energetic at that time.  Sleep is usually hard to come by throughout the night, because my grandmother keeps everyone in our household up throughout the night with her crying, whimpering and complaints either about her aches and pains or about anything else she finds to complain about.  There are times when all she wants to do is talk throughout the night when the rest of us are trying to get sleep.  It’s an ongoing process with her.  Therefore, the only time we can sleep at all is when she sleeps.  She usually sleeps until noon, or sometimes past noon.  However, I’m usually up by no later that quarter to 12 p. m.  If I’m lucky, I’m up as early as 10 a. m., depending on how tired I am.

I would like to be up in the morning to accomplish more during the day.  However, my grandmother has become a huge problem.  Even with the lack of sleep she causes to the rest of us in the household, my aunt is adamant about not putting her in a nursing home.

Therefore, the time of day that works for me is as I have said, sometime either during late morning, early noon, when it’s usually much quieter for me to be able to concentrate.

Sometimes, when I get up at 8 a. m. to have my protein shake at breakfast, I’m able to stay up, because I find I have more than enough energy to function.  There are times when I discover I don’t need as much sleep at I had anticipated for the night.  As long as I’m alert during the day, am able to function, and accomplish all my given tasks, doing them well, that’s all that really matters.

I look forward to starting my day with the assignment for the daily writing challenge.  I’m usually pumped, excited and motivated to begin writing each day, because I so enjoy it.  I love writing, because it not only helps me to relax and relieve any stress through getting all my thoughts, feelings, views and convictions down into print, but it enables me to reflect upon the given situation plaguing my life, as I’ve mentioned in some of my previous articles.

The afternoon works best for me for doing my writing and composing, because that’s when it’s usually the brightest outside.  Our living room sofa faces opposite our window.  With the curtains open, I can see the sun hit the grass, lighting up everything outside.  I love looking at our trees, whether, they be bare during the cold seasons, or filled with leaves during spring and summer.  It’s all really a breathtaking sight.  Nature helps brighten my mood, and gets me further motivated to keep writing and composing.  It often serves as a great source for inspiration for my poetry.

It’s such a humbling experience to be able to write without any interruptions, during the hours of quiet.  However, when my grandmother does awaken from her slumber during my time of composing, I make every effort to block her out so I can concentrate, or I gaze out our living room window at the world outside, and let it’s beauty soothe my senses.

© Copyright, Kiki Stamatiou, 2015

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